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Used Car Check from AutoMec Mobile Mechanic

By: AutoMec Mobile Mechanic  16/05/2011
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AutoMec Mobile Used Car Check
If you are purchasing a used car at a dealership or from a private sale in or around Dublin we carry out mobile used car inspections.A Mobile Mechanic will travel to the seller and perform a car inspection to determine the overall condition of the car inside and outside.

The used car inspection costs only €125 in the Dublin area.We believe this a small fee to pay when buying a used car as it could save you a lot of money,time and hassle,especially if you are traveling from across the country as many of our customers do.

The inspection usually takes 1hr 30mins approximately.

Can you sumarise what items are inspected?

BODY - Visually inspect bodywork for poor crash repair and condition

UNDERBONNET - Inspect for fluid leaks,incorrect fitting of hoses or pipes,wear & tear,fluid levels

UNDERSIDE - Inspect tires,brakes,suspension,exhaust for wear & tear plus defects.Check for fluid leaks and underbody damage

INTERIOR - Inspect all electrical accessories are working.Inspect window operation,electric or manual.Check air con system operation.Check condition of cloth/leather seat condition

DIAGNOSTIC - Scan fault memory for fault codes and take note

ROADTEST - Inspect operation of brakes,steering,gear change,clutch.Check for overheating and warning lights on dash.Check for unusual noises or vibrations.

Points to note :

1.We require payment before the inspection is carried out, if you (the buyer) will not be present on the day.Payment is taken through paypal,if you don't have a paypal account it takes only a few minutes to create and is completely safe.

2.The car inspection does not provide you with a warranty,your warranty is provided from the seller

3.We require a suitable space to carry out the car inspection.All car doors must be able to open fully and our work van must be able to park beside or close to the car being inspected

4.Many newer cars (2005 on) have plastic undertrays or engine covers fitted.We do not remove any parts from the car,we can only visually inspect what can be seen.

5.The bodywork cannot be inspected accurately if it is dirty or wet.

6.If the car is located in a built up area it may not be possible to drive the car up to sufficient speed or excersize all the gears sufficiently.

7.We cannot advise you on the price or whether you should purchase or not,this is for you to decide after the inspection is carried out.

8.After the inspection is completed we will first contact you by phone and then email or post our findings to you on the same or next working day
All of our inspections are based on a physical description of what is seen and heard through the eyes and ears of our mechanic. We do not advise on the value of the vehicle,authenticate its origin or mileage. We do not advise as to purchase or decline to purchase any vehicle we inspect. We do not verify if a vehicle is emission compliant. We cannot advise as to how long the vehicle will perform properly.

We are not responsible for any problems that can occur after an inspection is completed.Our mechanics are responsible for the accuracy of each inspection.AutoMec guarantees each inspection to be accurate at the time the vehicle is inspected. Physical and mechanical damage can occur between the time a vehicle is inspected and when the vehicle is actually purchased and AutoMec cannot be held responsible for those occurrences should they ever happen.Any guaranties or warranties implied or not on any vehicle inspected by AutoMec is strictly with the seller of that vehicle.

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