Haiti Operations Centre

By: Reconnaissance Group  05/12/2011

Reconnaissance operates a full Operations Centre in order to support our clients managing the security threat in Haiti. We have been operating in Haiti for over 4 years and have a unique knowledge of the country and operating in the environment.

The Reconnaissance Operations Centre provides a lifeline for the numerous NGO’s, relief agencies and private companies based in Haiti.

The Operations Centre provides the following services to clients: 

  • 24 hour monitoring of staff through pre-determined communication
  • Staffed by multi-lingual personnel
  • Close Protection Operatives both Haitian and Expat
  • Up to date information on all areas of Haiti, with full travel advisories
  • Travel and route planning assistance
  • Real-time GPS vehicle and personnel tracking
  • Central reporting for staff movements all over Haiti
  • Issue of alerts and advisories
  • 24 hour Incident Response Team with Medical Support
  • Residence and Office Alarm monitoring supported by Response Team 

The Operations Centre is dedicated to providing a sound security service in order to mitigate risks that are present in Port Au Prince and indeed the whole country. Should you require further info please do not hesitate to contact us.

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It is Reconnaissance key belief that a strong integrated partnership will enable us to mitigate risks relevant to our clients business and ultimately aid in protecting profits and securing shareholder confidence. Reconnaissance Group specialises in facilitating its clients to operate their daily business in emerging markets. Reconnaissance Group operates on the principle of creating strategic partnerships with our clients.


Reconnaissance Market Entry

A Market Entry Assessment can mitigate these issues and thereby allow for transparency when viewing all options in initial entry stages. Most emerging markets have security or social issues in addition to being a hazardous business environment. Quite often emerging markets represent significant opportunity for most organizations and businesses. Assessing political and operational risks.


Security & Risk Management

Reconnaissance integrated risks solutions are aimed at reducing outstanding security and risk issues in addition to identifying and pre-empting problematic areas in future areas of business operations. Productive and effective Risk management should not only reduce secruity cost’s but should enhance bottom line and reassure stakeholders in the integrity of our clients business in emerging markets. Security Cost Analysis and Cost Reduction.


Executive Protection

As a provider of close protection services for corporate clients, Reconnaissance has a proven operational capability to provide executive protection consultants, coordinators and advisors to accompany senior executives travelling overseas. Reconnaissance has extensive experience with deploying Close Protection teams throughout the world with over 300 personnel deployed on operational taskings.


Project Support

Doing business in emerging markets or hostile environments can bring downtime to daily business operations or lead to abuse of brand names though unnecessary costs. This function allows Reconnaissance to source all project requirements (i.e. accommodation, offices, logistics etc) without involving client’s brand name.


Crisis Management

A planned management procedure based on sound risk management and implemented through an incident or crisis management plan will ensure maintenance of shareholder confidence and even customer confidence. During a crisis, it is vital to protect personnel and business assets, safeguard your company’s reputation and determine the optimal time to return to business.