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By: Control Equipment  05/12/2011
Keywords: thermal imaging, control equipment, power factor correction

Services and Support

At CEL, continuous Quality Checks at various stages of design, manufacturing and testing ensures that customers receive the quality product they require.

CEL offers customers a comprehensive site reassembly and commissioning service plus after sales service with response times been kept to a minimum.

CEL services include:

  • Dedicated after sales service teams situated nationwide to ensure rapid response
  • 24 hour call out support
  • Maintenance contracts on request
  • Full technical support for ABB LV products.

CEL site services include:

Annual Maintenance of Switchgear

CEL provides a Comprehensive programme of maintenance for low voltage switchgear including thermal imaging, change over ACB testing and PFC maintenance. Maintenance provides information on the equipment and highlights potential problems before they become critical.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging of switchboards and distribution boards can highlight areas of concern well before they become a problem. By identifying these areas, repairs and maintenance can be scheduled rather than having to carry out emergency works in the event of a breakdown.

Air Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Air Circuit Breakers like any other mechanical devices need to be excerised periodically to ensure that they don’t freeze up. CEL provides a comprehensive testing service for ACBS. ABB ACBs releases can be tested using the dedicated electronic test device PR010/T. In addition to this all ACBs can be tested via secondary injection of current.

Automatic Generator Change-over System Testing and Maintenance

CEL provides a testing and maintenance programme for change over equipment to ensure readiness in the event of a power outage

Power Quality Analysis

With so many power electronic devices connected to the network today, there can be problems with harmonic distortion. CEL provides a monitoring service for your incoming power supply. The following electrical values can be monitored and recorded:

  • Voltage,
  • Power Factor,
  • Current,
  • Energy Usage
    • - Actual.
    • - Apparent & Reactive,
    • - Harmonics,
    • - Transients,
    • - Over Voltages,
    • - Inrush Current,
    • - Unbalance.

Power Factor Correction Equipment Maintenance

Power factor is the relationship between the amount of Actual Load Power (KW) consumed and Apparent Load Power (KVA) consumed. It is a measure of how effectively the current is being converted into useful work output and more is a good indicator of the effect of the load current on the efficiency of the supply system. The ESB penalise customers with a power factor of less than 0.97. It therefore, makes economic sense to maintain the equipment that saves you from this charge.

CEL can survey this equipment, to ensure that you are getting the best correction for your load

Keywords: control equipment, power factor correction, thermal imaging

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CEL - Control Equipment Limited - products

Are generally provided as single or double ended units utilizing dry type transformers directly connected on the low tension side to the main breakers of the sub station. Direct connection of transformer via busbar to switchgear eliminates cables and associated hazards. Treble ended or multi supply can also be catered for using our type tested MNS system.