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By: The Fresh Breath Clinic  05/12/2011
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At The Fresh Breath Clinic you will benefit from top quality treatment with top quality goods. We therefore offer PRIVATE TREATMENT ONLY.

Here are some of the many treatments available:

  1. Fissure Sealants This will help protect sound teeth from decay.
  2. Orthodontic Assessments This is to ensure that your children have attractive smiles by avoiding crowded teeth.
  3. Halitosis Identification The severity is measured using a Halimeter. There is a special leaflet to be taken home and read carefully if you are interested in the topic.
  4. Endodontic Treatment This enables us to save badly decayed teeth and thus prevent extraction in many cases.
  5. Implant Assessment and Referral where necessary If you hate the idea of a denture but don't like those gaps you could consider implants an alternative. Dental implantology is an established dental treatment with over 35 years of clinical backup.
  6. Aesthetic / Cosmetic Dentistry
    • Britesmile This is a one-hour teeth whitening procedure that is internationally recognised. There is a leaflet with further details available. We also offer a number of other teeth whitening procedures.
    • Tooth Jewellery For that sparkle in your smile.
    • Crown and Bridge work This can be used to reinforce heavily restored teeth and to realign crowded or spaced teeth. On very severely stained teeth it may be the only option to achieve the desired whitening.
    • White Fillings These are available as standard fillings if so requested by the patient.
  7. Minor Oral Surgery Such problems as 'over grown' gums or an infected remaining root can be dealt with here at the clinic painlessly and efficiently.
  8. Oral Hygiene Care This is by far one of the most important aspects of dental care. We provide advice and instruction on best oral hygiene practices.
  9. Mouth Guard Both sports and night guards are available.
  10. Denture work You can have new dentures constructed or old dentures repaired / adjusted.
  11. Paediatric Dentistry comprehensive treatment for your children is also available. From the moment your child has a tooth, you should bring them along for their first visit to the dentist. They can become accustomed to the dental environment and see how easy and friendly their future visits will be.
  12. Extreme Maker-overs/Worn dentition rehabilitation also known as immediate orthodontics where your smile can be transformed in as few as two visits to the dentist.
  13. Botox and dermafiller treatment where you can slow down the aging process and fill in any areas that have become hollow or pronounced with age. Botox can be used as prevention for wrinkles in certain facial areas.
  14. Skin assessment and advise available.

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