Getting Started

By: Goldfone  05/12/2011
Keywords: Historical Sites, LOCATION SYSTEMS

We provide instant interpretive or virtual visitor centres anywhere, at any time by erecting a Goldfone plaque and a telephone contact number. This enables selected locations to have 24/7 tour guides available for places which may be too remote, difficult to staff or constructing a building as a centre would be too costly.

A “” Plaque with a local phone number is placed near to a tourist destination where it can be easily located by a visitor. The visitor then simply calls a local Irish phone number for more information. To hear the message they pick a language – languages which can be speedily added to at any time. An option for greater levels of detail will be offered if appropriate.

Goldfone is culturally and linguistically neutral in Arabic, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portugese, Russian and Spanish. Unlike Dublin Tourism’s iWalk, it is multilingual and does not need Podcasting or MP3 players to be used.

The system is delivered at the point of need:

Ø      Ideal for independent travellers and those on a driving holiday

Ø      Delivers a quick reason or history for a locations significance without intrusive large dual language signage – as the Goldfone plaque can be placed on a nearby litter bin or an existing “Blue Plaque”

Ø      A single Goldfone channel can cover wide areas such as the Burren, the Martello Tower system, Dolmens and Standing stones with multiple locations and one number

Ø      A Goldfone Channel can be used for areas of outstanding beauty or single individual historical sites

Ø      Goldfone channels can be tied in with existing maps and location systems and give precise location coordinates in cities and rural areas.

Keywords: Historical Sites, LOCATION SYSTEMS