VeridianAI - Simplexo

By: Veridianai  05/12/2011

Simplexo search solutions deliver a new experience in enterprise information retrieval.

Simplexo is secure - Simplexo has been developed to Ministry of Defense security levels for your peace of mind; search and index data are encrypted, and search results are directly tied to user permissions – no matter what information sources are queried, users see only the results they have permission to see.

Simplexo is easy to use - Designed for the business user rather than a technical expert, Simplexo is supremely easy to use. Its intuitive, browser-based interface means that you can perform productive searches within minutes of installation.Simplexo is available as two distinct product versions:

  • Simplexo Enterprise is our commercial product, a Windows Service application fully-supported via an annual subscription
  • Simplexo Community can be used in-house by developers free of charge under the Open Source GPL2 licence.

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By using MoreVRP to optimally allocate resources between your active IT processes, you can eliminate crashes and significantly increase enterprise productivity. MORE's solutions provide companies with real-time system enhancements that facilitate efficient service processes and maximize hardware utilization. Do you invest valuable time and resources to manage load, scheduling and performance to maintain SLA and service quality.


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SenSage currently has suites of reports which include: Foundation Analytics Package, HIPAA Analytics Package, SOX Analytics Package, PCI Analytics Package and Government Analytics Package that covers FISMA, DCID/3, and NISPOM. More than 400 customers have deployed SenSage Solutions to reduce Security, Compliance and Operations risks at a fraction of the cost of traditional security, log management and data warehouse approaches.


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One of the best pieces of advice we've heard at Veridian AI is "Find one or two interesting things that you can do and then do them better than anyone else!". We believe in working with a few products that can do a lot of very clever things, very well, in a variety of situations. So we kept this in mind when choosing the products we bring to our customers.


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We are pleased to announce that we at Veridian Applied Intelligence have been appointed as the European agents for the ProDiscover family of forensics and Incident response tools. ProDiscover Forensics and ProDiscover IR are designed to speed up the process of forensic acquisition and analysis by up to 35%.