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By: Sysnet Global Solutions  07/03/2011
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As a qualified PFI (Payment Forensics Investigator), Sysnet are well positioned to provide forensic services to combat against the emerging risk for the whole payments industry due to the growing sophistication of criminal organised syndicates that are using card fraud as an easier method of exploitation.

Sysnet’s dedicated Data Forensics team has many years experience in dealing with investigations and forensic analysis of incidents. Whilst the creation of the data forensics team is a relatively new development at Sysnet, it is staffed with industry experts with many years cumulative experience.

There is no doubt that card fraud is a real risk not only to merchants but the stability of the economy as well. If people lack the confidence of using their debit/credit card in a secure manner, they will spend less. In the tight margins that many businesses operate in, any reduction in potential revenue is a risk to the profitability of their business.

Sysnet Global Solutions provide a number of information security services for containment which range from incident workshops and seminars on the latest trends to PFI breach insurance. An organisation can be confident in the knowledge that both they and their employees understand the correct actions that are required in order to contain an information security breach.

The list of services that we offer are as follows:

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For further information on our PFI Consultancy Services, please contact one of our Sales representatives by calling +353 (0)1 495 1300 or by completing our  or .

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