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By: Sysnet Global Solutions  03/11/2010
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ISO 27001 is a worldwide information security standard that organisations can follow in order to ensure they are doing all they can to protect their information assets. When an organisation obtains ISO 27001 certification, it means that as an organisation they have adopted, undergone testing and passed the highest level information security management criteria.

What type of oganisations can benefit?
If you are an organisation dealing with sensitive information such as a government department, hospital or bank then gaining ISO 27001 will show the public that you are doing all you can to protect their information. If you are an organisation that must comply with specific industry or legal regulations e.g. Data protection, Sarbanes Oxley or PCI DSS, then gaining ISO 27001 certification will ensure that you have the vast majority of processes already in place to be compliant.

If you are an organisation on the stock exchange then gaining ISO 27001 will demonstrate to your customers, stakeholders, partners and auditors that you are doing all you can to reduce the risks and protect the value and reputation of your company and customers. If you are an organisation that tenders for business and is proud of the quality and reputation of your organisation, than gaining ISO 27001 certification will win you more business by showing potential customers that you are a reputable company that understands the value of information and will respect and protect any customer information entrusted into your care.

Sysnet's ISO 27001 Services
Since 2003, Sysnet has been the only Irish information security company to be certified to BS 7799/IS 17799 and subsequently the ISO 27001 standard. We have used the experience gathered through implementing the standard in our own organisation, to assist other organisations across many industries to comply with and attain the ISO 27001 certification.

Our complete range of services and solutions are outlined in the following 5 step process to achieving and maintaining ISO 27001. 

    1. Understanding 
    2. Analysis      
    3. Remediation 
    4. Assessment 
    5. Support and Compliance Maintenance

We provide tailored packages to meet the specific requirements of ISO 27001.

For further information on our ISO 27001 services and packages, please contact one of our Sales representatives by calling +353 (0)1 495 1300 or by completing our Online Enquiry Form or Request a Call Back Form on our website.

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