GIS Mapping and Terrain Analysis

By: Macroworks  05/12/2011
Keywords: wind energy, Mapping, Terrain Analysis

Macro Works has featured GIS (Geographic Information Systems) amongst its core services for over 12 years and has earned its reputation as a competent solution provider. During this period we have delivered effective solutions to County Councils, State and Semi-State bodies, and have acted as GIS consultant to some of Ireland’s top Environmental firms.

We have used GIS as the principal tool in analysing and mitigating the visibility of over 80 proposed wind energy developments plus numerous other tall structures.

We have consulted and prepared studies on how to best integrate and make most efficient use of GIS and spatial data in the day to day running of Government departments and organisations.

With GIS at the core of Macro Works’ day-to-day consultancy, we comfortably meet the challenge of analysing large and varied spatial data sets, distilling out the relevant information and delivering clear and informative mapping that highlights important hidden trends and patterns.

Macro Works has delivered terrain and visibility assessment solutions to over 100 commercial developments, including over 80 alternative energy schemes. These include proposals for 70+ terrestrial wind farms, 3 large-scale offshore wind farms, large hydro schemes & alternative energy power plants.

With competition for wind energy sites becoming more acute, the issue surrounding their visual impact is becoming ever more complex. At Macro Works we have developed specialist tools and processes to better understand these impacts and have designed customized outputs to impart this information in a clear and concise manner.

Macro Works provided the total GIS and mapping requirements to the landscape character and sensitivity studies prepared for counties Cork, Waterford and Roscommon over the years 2002 - 2008. These studies have provided us with a strong working knowledge of County-level and National-level datasets.

Our close working relationship with planning and environmental consultancies on these and other projects since 1999 has provided us with invaluable experience and an understanding of landscape crucial to effective spatial analysis and mapping.

GIS is about the effective management and analysis of mapping datasets and their underlying databases (attribute data). With significant experience of spreadsheet automation and programming, Macro Works has the requisite experience and analytical skills to get the most from such data – in a fraction of the time normally required.

With ArcGIS and its powerful extensions at our disposal, we have the flexibility to deliver solutions to the most demanding of GIS tasks. For those clients using other GIS software and platforms, Macro Works has the required tools to translate between file formats with ease.

Using advanced terrain-modeling software, Macro Works can (cost-effectively) prepare realistic 3D interactive environments that allow users to fly-over or drive-through study areas and view proposed developments. This is regularly used for real-time analysis and design of wind energy sites and provides very effective project overview for public consultation presentations.

Keywords: Mapping, Terrain Analysis, wind energy,

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