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By: Nutrifil  05/12/2011
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In addition to supplying the Nutrifil food product, Nutrifil Ltd. also provides the following services, assistance and other products.

r Information, support and advice with respect to use of Nutrifil. This includes assistance with design of nutrition protocols, evaluation of nutrition assessment data and analysis of dietary intakes.

r Assistance and advice in the transport of Nutrifil to field destinations.

r Manual of Nutritional Therapeutics for the Pediatric Population published by Nutrifil Ltd. and written by Nutritionists/Dieticians from the School of Biological Sciences at the Dublin Institute of Technology (also available in Romanian). Price on application.

r Provision of nutrition education material for clinic or community settings as in our free booklet: 'The use of Nutrifil in the nutritional management and rehabilitation of children and adults in clinical and community settings'.

r Computerized dietary analysis package - PCDIET - produced in conjunction with the Dublin Institute of Technology. This allows the analysis of nutritional components of diets for individuals, groups and institutions.

PC Diet
Nutritional Analysis Software

  • PC DIET contains the Fifth Edition McCance and Widdowson's Food Composition Tables (Royal Society of Chemistry, 1991) plus supplements to the fifth Edition: Fruit & Nuts; Vegetable Dishes; Fish & Fish Products.
  • Fully tested and evaluated by Nutritionists / Dietitians. PC DIET is also currently used extensively for teaching and research. It is a fast, friendly, and robust software application.
  • PC DIET is already in use by many UK Hospitals and Universities.

Features Include:

  • Allows analysis of macro and micro nutrients in foods, menus and diets.
  • Can be used for food labeling.
  • Option to input own food composition data. (PCEDIT)
  • Food entries made with M & W food code numbers or food names.
  • Gives contribution of foods to nutrients.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • 3.5 Inch Floppy Disk Drive
  • IBM XT / AT Compatible Computers and Upwards.
  • 640K of RAM
  • Minimum 3 Megabyte's of Hard Disk Space
  • Functions with all printers.

Keywords: Diet, floppy disk, micro nutrients, nutrition,