Data Migration

By: Bs2  05/12/2011

Data migration is a key consideration when upgrading too, or adopting any new system. Whether purchasing a brand new system, upgrading to a latest version or rolling out a new development ensuring the integrity and quality of your data is paramount. After all what good is any system without good data inside it? One could reasonably to assume that if two systems have similar data and perform similar tasks, mapping data from one to the other should be done with relative ease. However, this is rarely the case. Data migration is not a simplistic task and if not given due consideration early in the process of developing or purchasing a new system it could become a very expensive task. In fact, according to a recent survey by U.K.-based Bloor Research, the survey found that most projects went over their schedule and budget, due in part to not properly scoping the data migration effort.

At BS2 we have undertaken numerous data migration projects over the years and our approach and objectives has always been the same. Leave no stone unturned in our preparation, deliver reliable clean migrated data to the new environment that enables the customer to better leverage their corporate information and enhance their business.

If you have a Data Migration project upcoming whether your data is stored on SQL Server, Sybase, Interbase, or Oracle, why not contact us and ask for a feasibility study. At BS2 we believe a strong and simple communication plan is vital to a smooth and cost effective data migration project.

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