ZAPA Retail Loyalty

By: Zapa Technology  05/12/2011

Having repeat, high spending and long standing customers is vitally important to all successful and profitable businesses. 

  • But do you know who your loyal customers are?
  • How much do they spend and how often?
  • What sort of rewards and promotions would encourage them to spend more and visit more often?
  • Have you considered how to convert and boost the spend of your less frequent customers?

ZAPA Loyalty is the solution which will put the power in your hands to know, reward and retain your customers. A loyalty scheme powered by ZAPA offers you a measurable, quantifiable and low maintenance way to get closer to you customers.

Other products and services from Zapa Technology


Contactless Loyalty Systems

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s never been more important to look after your best asset – your customers. Near Field Communications is a progressive tool to bring retail loyalty programmes into the 21st century. Attract, Retain, Reward your customers with an innovative contactless loyalty programme from ZAPA. Keeping customers satisfied and loyal is at the heart of every successful business. ZAPA LOYALTY is all about identifying.


Community Loyalty Management

At ZAPA we are keenly aware of the pressure on businesses and towns which are in close proximity to big cities, to find innovative, economical ways to stimulate local activity and to attract and retain revenue in the locality. The programme includes consultancy on best practice and the implementation and management of Community payment schemes and collaborative loyalty schemes.


NFC Solutions

Using the latest Over the Air technology, the ZAPA NFC solution offers Mobile Operators and other Issuers of Cards the option, to securely issue these cards over the air into the Secure Element of the subscribers NFC phone. Banks (Issuing prepaid credit cards)MNO's Transport Companies Coupon Issuers.


Contactless Prepaid Accounts

As we move towards a cashless society, ZAPA Prepaid Solutions can be utilised as an alternative to cash payments in large corporations, schools, universities or hospitals. Closed Loop' prepaid card schemes are developed to suit one site or a closed network of sites and can only be utilised within that group. Providing you and your customers with convenient ways to pay; driving loyalty, footfall & profitability for your business.