Contactless Prepaid Accounts

By: Zapa Technology  05/12/2011

Providing you and your customers with convenient ways to pay; driving loyalty, footfall & profitability for your business.

ZAPA Prepaid can replace traditional card based prepaid systems using the new mobile based contactless ZAPATAG. As we move towards a cashless society, ZAPA Prepaid Solutions can be utilised as an alternative to cash payments in large corporations, schools, universities or hospitals (e.g. staff canteens). ZAPA Prepaid can even be used as a cashless payment method for transport, cultural events, exhibitions, festivals and sports venues amongst others.

The ZAPA Prepaid Solution can be delivered in a number of ways depending upon your business requirement. Prepaid value can be offered through a traditional card-based solution or via the innovative contactless ZAPATAG.

Prepaid payments can be facilitated via an Open Loop or Closed Loop system.

'Open Loop' prepaid cards, offered in partnership with MasterCard, can be used anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed.

'Closed Loop' prepaid card schemes are developed to suit one site or a closed network of sites and can only be utilised within that group.

Where can ZAPA Prepaid be used?

ZAPA prepaid, stored value, and gift cards can be utilised in a variety of settings to include:

  • Cities and shopping centres
  • Corporate incentives
  • Travel & transport
  • Festivals & sporting events
  • Cafés, restaurants & hotels
  • Clothing, accessory & equipment stores
  • Service stations, supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Bars, clubs, theatres and cinemas
  • Newsagents, bookshops, gift stores and speciality food & wine stores
  • Hairdressers, salons and spas
  • Schools & universities
  • Museums, galleries, exhibition centres and tourist venues
  • Hospitals and public institutions

Benefits of ZAPA Prepaid Solutions

  • Provides customers with an alternative to cash reducing cash handling time, risks and costs
  • Speeds up transaction time and improves customer service, reducing queues and waiting times, which in turn, improves the customer’s experience
  • Unique, novel and innovative brand experience, differentiating you from your competitors
  • Drives footfall and repeat business as a result of the positive experience
  • Is manageable and measurable
  • Contributes to business profitability through reduced costs and increased sales
  • Delivers better data availability for business management and analysis
  • Provides you with in-depth insight in to consumer behaviour and preferences
  • Increases accountability of liabilities – visibility of outstanding balances
  • Provides better security (vs paper vouchers or tokens) as value is not added until activation.

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