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By: Tv Ears  05/12/2011
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Simply put, TV Ears is a hearing device for your television. We took a hearing aid circuit and put it into a wireless headset, gave it 120 decibels of power, and a volume, tone, and balance adjustment so even people with a severe hearing loss will hear every word clearly.

TV Ears uses wireless infrared technology to transmit sound from your TV to the TV Ears wireless headset. The TV Ears Transmitter takes the sound from your television, converts it into invisible infrared light, and sends it to the TV Ears headset. The TV Ears headset captures the invisible infrared light and converts it back into sound.

A microchip in the wireless TV headset dampens sounds below 500Hz (where background sounds exists) and automatically increases the volume of sound above 1000Hz (where hard to hear speech frequencies begin) so words are clear and easily understood.

The maximum volume of TV Ears is 120 dB - 3 times that of other wireless headsets! Automatic Commercial Control (ACC) automatically reduces annoying bursts in volume during commercials and channel surfing so you won't get blasted. The transmitter holds and recharges two headsets.

Our TV listening device is all about hearing what people on television are saying; every word, every syllable, every sentence and doing it without disturbing others with loud television volume.

TV Ears Technology Makes the Difference

  • Voice Enhancement Technology: TV Ears' Voice Enhancement Technology, VET™, automatically increases the volume of hard to hear words and lowers the volume of overwhelming background sounds so television dialog is clear and understandable.
  • Automatic Commercial Control: This is a special circuit that automatically stops loud commercials so you won’t get blasted with sound when a commercial starts.
  • Powerful Amplification: Most wireless headsets only amplify up to 40 to 60 decibels but we realize that’s not enough so we gave TV Ears 120 decibels of power.
  • Volume, Tone, & Balance Controls: These adjustments allow you to fine tune the sound just the way you want it from the comfort of your easy chair.
  • Wireless Infrared: Provides safe, wireless, and superior sound quality without interference or frequency drifting.
  • Comfortable Lightweight Design: It must be lightweight and comfortable or you won’t wear it for very long. The TV Ears lightweight under-the-chin design provides hours of comfortable use. Once you experience the under-the-chin design you will never go back
  • Rechargeable Battery : The environmentally friendly rechargeable battery will provide up to 2 years of hassle free battery power and save you on replacement batteries.
  • TV Ears Patented Tips: Patented self-molding TV Ears Tips create an acoustically sealed chamber with the ear that reduces room noise and provides unparalleled comfort, cleanliness, and clarity.

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2.3 System, EUN Europe North

TV Ears Patented Technology includes a revolutionary noise reduction ear tip originally developed for US Air Force pilots and is not found in any other commercially available wireless TV headset. The TV Ears transmitter easily attaches to your television set, satellite box, or cable box and charges the headset within 1 hour. Ft (aprox 300 sq.m) and, comes with a 90 day warranty.Listen to TV at your own level..


Who Uses TV Ears

Wearing TV Ears wireless headphones allows an individual to set their own volume, tone, and balance while the rest of the family can set the television volume to their liking. If you already own hearing aids, find out why TV Ears are a great complement to your hearing aids and why they work better than hearing aids for watching television.



If the system is installed using audio out ports and the option to choose between fixed or variable is not available on your television, the volume on both the headset and the television will be the same, meaning, if you increase the volume on the television, the volume on the headset will increase.


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