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Can others watch TV at a normal volume level?

The volume of TV Ears works independently from the volume of the television set. Family members can set the television volume at any level (loud, low, or muted) while TV Ears user(s) can listen at their own comfortable level.  Most television sets have a menu option of “Fixed/Variable” or “FIX/VAR”.  Set the television to “fixed” if you want the headset volume to work independently from the television volume.  If the system is installed using audio out ports and the option to choose between fixed or variable is not available on your television, the volume on both the headset and the television will be the same, meaning, if you increase the volume on the television, the volume on the headset will increase.  This observation is also true if the system is installed using the power microphone instead of audio out ports.

TV Ears uses wireless 2.3MHz and 95 KHz infrared technology to transmit sound from your TV to a 1.6 oz wireless headset. You can listen to television at your own level while others may adjust the volume to fit theirs.
NOTE: the 2.3 MHz system is NOT compatible with the 95 KHz systems.

 walked into the next room wearing my headset and I can’t hear the television anymore, is this normal?

TV Ears uses Infrared technology in our TV Ears Systems, which requires a direct Line of Sight between the headset and the transmitter in order for you to receive a clear Audio Sound.

What Do I Do If I Receive Static ?

Make sure the audio cord is plugged into the audio out ports.
Make sure the charging light glows green if the headset is placed in the front charging slot and red if placed in the back charging slot.
Make sure the five infra red lights glow red.
Make sure the headset is in direct line-of-sight of the transmitter.

Make sure the transmitter is pointed in the direction of where the customer is sitting. It is best to have a wall behind the customer and not a big window so that the signal does not go straight out the room.

Make sure the writing on the front of the headset is facing the transmitter.
Make sure the headset and transmitter are from the same model. 
Make sure the transmitter is at least 3 ½ to 5 ft off the ground. If the transmitter is too low, the signal will have a hard time filling up the room.

Reset the system: disconnect the audio and power cords from the back of the transmitter, wait 10 seconds, then plug in the audio cord first then the power cord.

What is the wireless coverage area?UP to 600 sq. ft. line of sight for the 2.3 system, up to 900 sq. ft line of sight

Will TV Ears work on any TV?Yes, TV Ears will work on any TV in the world with regular TV, Cable TV, Satellite, or basic TV. TV Ears installs in minutes and works with any VCR, DVD, and stereo systems. NOTE: For Plasma & LCD TV's, The Power Stacker # 10026 is required for The Original. The Alternate Installation Kit # 10315 is required for TV's without audio out ports.  

What is the Warranty?

The 2.3 MHz wireless TV headset comes with a 90 day warranty and Lifetime Service Guarantee. 

If a product is defective or breaks it will be repaired or replaced at no charge during the warranty period. Please see warranty section for more details and for the Lifetime Service Guarantee.  Will TV Ears work in Movie Theaters and Play houses?

Yes, The Original, The Professional and Home Theatre TV Ears systems operate at 95 KHz which is compatible with many movies and play houses. While it works in most places, TV Ears does not guarantee that its products will work in all public places. Check with individual places to verify system compatibility. This feature is not available with the 2.3 system.  What should I do to return a purchase?

Returns are easy!

Returns must be made to the TV, Make A Difference Ltd.

A. All refunds / repairs to TV Ears must first be approved and given a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) # by TV Ears, Make a Difference Ltd. To obtain an RMA# from TV please call 061-393-795 Monday - Friday 10AM to 4PM GMT.

B. The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) # must be clearly written on the outside of the package used to ship the TV Ears product back to TV Ears, in the original packaging or in packaging that affords the same amount of protection to the product.

How long does the battery last and when do I change the battery pack?

A fully charged battery, will last up to 10 hours. The rechargeable battery is included and, depending on usage, will last a long time - usually 1 -2 years. You can buy a new battery by contacting our site , or calling us at 061 393 795. The batteries come pre-installed into the front plate of the headset.

How do I Charge the headset?

Can two people use TV Ears at the same time?

Yes, TV Ears allows two or more wireless headsets to work with one transmitter. To use TV Ears throughout your home, consider purchasing additional transmitters and headsets for other rooms.

What are the lights on the front of the transmitter?

There are six lights on the front of the transmitter: one charging light and five infra lights.

Charging Light

The light to the far left is the charging light. When the AC Power supply is connected to the transmitter and to an electrical power source, this light will glow green while a headset is in the front charging slot; red while a headset is in the back charging slot, and Amber (Reddish-Green) while there are headsets in both the front and back charging slots. If a headset is not in either charging slot, the charging light will not light up.

Infra Red Lights ( IR )

When the AC Power supply is connected to the transmitter and to an electrical power source, these five lights will glow red. Note: Some earlier models have yellow IR lights. 

Will the charging light change colors once the headset is charged?

No, the light should remain a constant color as long as the headset is placed in the charging slot.

Do I have to use the Microphone and the Audio cord?No. The Microphone and the Audio Cord are both used for the same purpose - to receive audio. It is only necessary to use one of the two cords to receive audio. A microphone is only included in the 95 KHz systems.

What is the use of the Headphone Jack Adapter?

The Headphone Jack Adapter is used on televisions that have a Headphone Port. It is used with the Audio Cord (Red and Black Tips) as a method of receiving audio through our TV Ears System. (It is NOT required to be used for our system to operate).

I plugged the Audio Cord into the ports on the front of my TV and I don’t hear any Audio?Any Audio ports on the front of your television are Audio Inputs and are not compatible with our system. Audio Out Ports are located on the back of a television, and are clearly labeled Audio Out.

What if I do not have any hearing Loss?

TV Ears systems are great products for anyone who wants to enhance their listening experience

Keywords: battery, Headset, infrared technology, television

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