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By: Media Scene  05/12/2011
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Interactive Whiteboards in Irish schools

Interactive Whiteboards and other interactive tools are fast spreading to schools and colleges all around Ireland. However here in Ireland we are still well behind the UK and many European countries in our uptake of  Whiteboards.

Selecting the ideal Interactive Whiteboard is only part of the system. The software that is used is an essential part of your interaction with the class. The ideal is that you simply teach what you would on a normal PC or that software was available for the Irish Syllabus. This does not seem to be available. The most popular software is Prometheans Activsoftware followed by the Smartboard software. In many cases the software that comes with the Interactive Whiteboard is free and available to all. Promethean and Smart give their software with the Whiteboard but sell it if you wish to use a different board.

Although we recommend IQBoard we will provide any Interactive Whiteboard that your research finds is best for your schools needs and have installed many different brands.

Installation of the Interactive Whiteboard

We have the using the same installation team since the outset. The lead technician has been fitting Interactive Whiteboards since they arrived in Ireland back in 1998. They are probably the most experienced team for installing your new Whiteboard system and will ensure the installation is carried out with utmost care and attention.

Interactive Whiteboards

There are 3 main types of Interactive Whiteboard technology in use in Ireland and many different manufacturers. These 3 types are:-

(1) Hardware which is used in conjunction with your existing whiteboard or screen to create interactivity.

This is the least expensive way to have interactivity in the classrom. It is also a very effective and completely portable Whiteboard. The main downside is that each time you move the equipment it needs to be re-calibrated, which itself is quite simple.

Examples of this Whiteboard is ONfinity CM2 MAX and Ebeam

(2) Solid State Interactive Whiteboards

Interact with the Whiteboard using an electronic pen

Examples are Interwrite and Promethean

(3) Resistive touch Interactive Whiteboards

Interact with the Whiteboard using an electronic pen OR simply your finger

Examples are IQBoard, TEAMBOARD and the Hitachi Starboard

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After countless hours of research and experimentation, our designers decided to put a spin on the traditional toolbar and created a unique circular interface that provides all the tools for eBeam Interact Software that you need most. These revolutionary tool palettes customize themselves to whatever you are doing on your computer, whether navigating programs, annotating software applications, or presenting dynamic PowerPoint® presentations.


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In many cases we are simply contacting the main company responsible for their brand in the framework and passing the order on to you directly and making no money. We feel we are in the best position to supply you with most brands of Interactive Whiteboards at a good price with the best service. This page allows you the ease of purchasing all your framework needs for your school from 1 location at the lowest price.


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At the end of that month you can simply keep the 10 user Audience Response System with no more to pay purchase additional handsets at a low cost to complete the classroom or you can return everything for a full refund. Whatever name they go by they are a great way of constantly monitoring the level of understanding in your classrooms, getting feedback from the students and seeing which students need extra help.


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Windows XP – Pentium 4 – 2 GHz – 512 MBWindows Vista – Pentium 4 – 2 GHz – 1 GBMacOS X 10.4 or later – PowerPC G4 – 512 MB. MS Windows XP, Apple MacOS X 10.1.4 or later, MS Windows Vista. USB 2.0 compatibility, YouTube capture mode. LCD display – TFT active matrix – 2.


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Capture more moments thanks to the rechargeable Li-Polymer battery with in-camera charging•It doesn’t matter if you own a MAC or a PC—the KODAK Mini is compatible with both•There’s always room for more—record hours of video with expandable card slot. With one touch, the KODAK Mini captures all the highlights, and the pop-out USB arm makes it seriously simple to share the fun on FACEBOOK and YouTube sites.


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There is a selection of wireless keyboard and mouse sets suitable for the Department of Education Framework grants here in Irish schools. If you have a favourite brand or a particular Keyboard and Mouse set we would be happy to quote you.