Unleashing Talent

By: Kinchlyons  05/12/2011

Your success in delivering the strategic goals of the company, now and into the future, means identifying the key contributors, aligning their development with the goals of the business and ensuring interesting and challenging work – engaging their hearts and minds. Then reap the rewards of this investment through intensely loyal and committed people. Great people make great organisations.

  1. Development Centres
    Development Centres, carefully designed, are a powerful and objective way to help you identify those in your organisation with potential for growth and greater responsibilities. They also provide a development agenda for each participant. We can design and administer a Development Centre for you using psychometrics, group exercises and simulated tasks etc. – one that will exactly meet your needs and ‘fit’ the target cohort.
  2. Competency Modelling
    We can assist you in building or reviewing and/or validating your organisation’s competency model. By identifying the key competencies your business needs now and into the future — in order to stay successful and to deliver the business strategy – you will have a framework around which you can build key H.R. processes in a coherent and consistent manner.

The challenge in leading and managing the knowledge-age worker is to motivate and enthuse so that they choose to contribute as partners/volunteers with creative excitement. When you achieve this productivity increases exponentially.

Your people are your greatest asset – not exactly. But THEIR POTENTIAL is. Great leaders and managers tap into the rich resources of their people and release them. Performance management is not about control – it’s about ‘clearing the path’ so that all can successfully contribute with their unique talents.

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