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By: German Property Centre  05/12/2011

  Property viewing and visit organisation    
We view properties and assess their suitability to improve the use of your  time. The Centre organises and participates in showing buyers selected  properties.  
  Property sales and marketing   For selected property developments the Centre provides a marketing and sales service. The Centre will work with property developers, "Aufteiler", municipal authorities and agents to market property that meets the Centre’s criteria.  
  Market News  


  Property purchase general advice      
Our online resource centre and personal services will assist investors with general of more specific advice on the property market and search process.  
  Research facilities   We are building market data online and providing access to research tools for investors.  
  Market reports   City and district reports are provided online and to registered subscribers to German Property Newsletter.  
  Taxation services   The Centre has arrangements with German and Irish taxation and accounting firms to provide a personalised service for interested investors. Advice is available on areas including: property acquisition taxes, restoration tax relief, depreciation, interest relief, capital gains treatment and support with annual German Income tax filings.  
  Finance services   We are happy to make introduction to finance houses and mortgage brokers that may meet your needs for providing mortgages on the target property.  
  Investment analysis   Yield analysis, internal rates of return, cash flow, NPV, breakeven analysis – our financial accountant will support you in assessing the investment.  
  Legal services (introduction service)   Tenant law, notarising purchase contract, title, removal of tenants, maintenance and management agreements. While outside the scope of the Centre’s activities we will be pleased to identify experienced Legal firms.  
  Translation Services   More mundane but important. The Centre can recommend fast and cost effective German-English and English-German translators and interpreters.  
  Property Management and Letting   We are qualifying organisations that provide these services. Many properties will have existing property management companies in place.  
  Advertising service on our website    

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