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By: Coda  05/12/2011

UNIT4 is the only major system supplier to the Further Education sector to have developed truly integrated solutions for: Student Administration, Finance, HR/payroll, and Customer Relationship management.

In the current economic climate the FE sector is challenged with cutting operating costs in line with falling income. In order to maintain front-line delivery these savings will need to be achieved by efficiency gains across the college and this can only be accomplished with better systems. In this context “better” means systems which support process and data flows by eliminating duplication of effort and reducing manual intervention. In practice this means integration and automation as a result of systems which are joined up and serve the business as a whole. UNIT4’s focus is on developing and delivering a management information solution to colleges which achieves these critical objectives.

Agresso Campus Development Strategy

UNIT4 has always embraced integration and has provided integrated management systems in the areas of student administration, finance, HR/payroll and customer relations since the 1990’s. In recent years these core systems have been enhanced with a range of web-based functionality designed to deliver relevant access to the many occasional users via the college portal/intranet.

UNIT4 also has an enviable record of working with partners to provide integrated “best of breed” solutions in the areas of timetabling, postcode databases, identity cards and document management. Today this strategy has been extended to include a range of business intelligence (BI) options to address the reporting requirements of all staff across the full system range.

Agresso Campus Delivery Strategy

The full deployment of the above system suite constitutes the Agresso Education Platform known as Agresso Campus. Agresso Campus comprises core business systems, BI reporting tools and portal access. The core systems deliver the essential processing power and data storage, BI tools the reporting capability and portal access is achieved through web-enabled extensions of the core systems. The final element of Agresso Campus is orchestration. Orchestration ensures integration of processing and data between the core systems. It also allows core Agresso systems to be integrated to other third party systems in use at the college so that even if the full suite of Agresso systems are not deployed, Agresso Campus as a platform solution can be enjoyed with all of its inherent benefits.

Agresso Campus is a complete platform solution which provides integration of processes and data, automation to reduce manual intervention and delivers information to key stakeholders in the most efficient way possible.

Agresso Campus FE solutions

Agresso Students is a major application software package designed to address the learner administration and management requirements of FE Colleges and other training organisations who are funded by the LSC. Agresso Students is part of the broader suite of UNIT4 software used extensively throughout the Further and Higher Education Sectors in the UK and is currently used by over 70 colleges.

Agresso QL Finance is a major application software package designed to address the financial and management accounting requirements of Further Education colleges. It is part of the broader Agresso QL suite of software used extensively throughout the Further Education sector in the UK and is used by over 75 Colleges.

Agresso QL Personnel & Payroll is a comprehensive human resource and payroll management system, designed specifically for the Post-16 Education Sector. First installed in 1998 and in use at over 40 sites, it is a stable and well-used product. The Agresso policy of continuous enhancement has ensured that it continues to develop in line with market requirements and user requests.

Agresso CRM has been developed specifically for the Post-16 Education Sector, based upon the experience that Agresso has gained in its close working relationship with this market since 1993. Agresso CRM is a college-wide system that supports many functional areas including Business Development, Student Enquiries, Marketing and Case-Tracking.

Agresso CRM consists of the Microsoft CRM framework supplemented by an Agresso framework, which extends the scope of the basic Microsoft product, together with a range of application specific modules developed by Agresso specifically for the Post-16 Education Sector.

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