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By: Blackrock Vet  05/12/2011

We offer full 15 minute consultations by appointment, whether for general check-ups, vaccinations, microchipping, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses.

Our new clinic offers a full range of surgical procedures. Our up to date facilities include an induction/prep area and a dedicated sterile operating theatre.

We strive to adhere to gold standards of anaesthesia, and use protocols and equipment of the safest standards, for the induction, maintenance and monitoring of your pets anaesthesia. To minimise risks, all older pets are offered pre-anaesthetic blood tests (and also for younger patients if deemed to be of higher risk e.g. if very ill or post-accident).

We have hospital wards to admit more seriously ill patients for observation, fluid therapy and whatever care they may need e.g. diabetic patient stabilisation.

At the clinic we have our own X-ray suite with automatic processing for next to instant radiology results for that patient with a suspected broken leg , or that swallowed fish hook ( and lots more in between!!! )

We regularly examine and treat your pet for all sorts of dental and oral problems. We are fully equipped to deal with extractions, dental infections, removal of plaque and tartar build up, and treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

We are pro-active in helping to keep your pets weight down as obesity can have profound effects on certain diseases (eg arthritis). Feel free to drop in at any time to have your pet weighed – there is no charge for this service.

At Blackrock Veterinary Clinic we stock and supply a wide range of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and anti-parasitic medication to help keep your pet healthy and well. Although having to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations with respect to these medications, we will have in stock, or quickly source the best and most appropriate treatments for your pets care and wellbeing.

Using appropriate nutrition to prevent some diseases and to treat and manage certain other disease processes is becoming more and more important. To this end, we stock and will recommend various prescription diets. The range we stock and recommend are the brand leaders – Hills Science Plan and Royal Canin Prescription Diets. We also stock Burns full range of general dog food. This is a holistic natural hypoallergenic food with no artificial additives and preservatives and is made and formulated by a Veterinary Surgeon. We firmly believe that dogs that eat Burns food are healthier pets. Burns in a premium food but without the premium price of some of its competitors.

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