Your Intelligence | Andree Harpur

By: Andree Harpur  05/12/2011

Your Intelligence | Andree Harpur

For many years I have talked to, listened intently to, and assessed literally thousands of people. They ranged in age from 16 to about 80. They came from all walks of life.

I learned that the majority of us have a very limited notion of intelligence, one that we got from school. We feel that if we are not good at verbal or numerical subjects, then we are not intelligent!

The good news is that Howard Gardner and others have expanded the notion of intelligence to include many more areas – examples of these are:

  • Linguistic intelligence . (Ability with Language)
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence (Ability with Numbers or facts)
  • Spatial intelligence (Ability to think in 3 dimensions)
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (High physical coordination)
  • Musical intelligence  (Ability to hear and interpret musical sound)
  • Interpersonal intelligence  (Good people skills)
  • Intrapersonal intelligence  (“Grounded” in ones self)
  • Naturalist intelligence (An affinity for nature)

Suddenly, the notion of intelligence got much broader and we began to appreciate our gifts in different ways.

However, sitting in front of people for so many years,  I have observed that intelligence is not just defined in one way or confined to a specific area, but spans every level of a human’s being and forms part of their very molecules.  This  intelligence seemed to be the dynamic manifestation of a person’s life force

It became clear  that the nature of intelligence is even wider than the above. I learned that each person had their own unique intelligence and, once they tapped into this intelligence, they felt motivated and had a purpose in life. They enjoyed using this intelligence ; it came easily to them. Some of the intelligences below could be seen to be sub-sets of of the broader sections of Gardner’s model, but clients have found it useful to specify it a little more.

What was even better was that each person seemed to have the seeds of this intelligence since birth. Clients would say things like:

“I have been doing this since I was tiny.”

In fact these activities would form so much part of their personalities and their natures that some clients would not see them as being gifts at all. They took this talent totally for granted, saying this like;

” What, this? Doesn’t everybody know how to do this?”

The fact is that, no, everybody does not know how to do that, not exactly the way you do it- this is your own particular gift.

What’s more, we noticed that for each intelligence a person had, there was a matching need for the use of that intelligence in society. Many times a client said to me :

“So now I have learned I have this intelligence, how do I know anyone wants it?”

You don’t. You need to trust that you were given this intelligence for a reason, develop it, put it out there and wait for the need in society to respond to it, which it will.  There is such a wide range of Intelligences but examples of these  are:

Bodily Intelligence – a fascination for how the body works and why it might not work so well.

Intelligence with Animals – an instinctive understanding of animals. Animals themselves will perceive this and feel very comfortable with this person

Intelligence with Children – an instinctive understanding of the needs and the mind of children. Children will feel very happy around this person

Intelligence of the Earth- an instinctive understanding of the earth, rocks etc. An example of this would be a farmer who can taste the soil to nutrients it needs. Another will have an instinctive knowledge of crop rotation etc

The Intelligence of Clarity – specialises in disparate facts and information. Loves to analyse this information and transform it into a clear system which can be understood by others. This person can be highly objective, they can put their feelings aside and create a very clear and accurate picture. This intelligence is essential in areas of Law, negotiation, arbitration, psychology etc.

Metaphysical Intelligence – fascination with the unseen or more subtle aspects of life. Will be drawn to asking “deeper” questions and will study religion, philosophy or spiritual subjects.

Intelligence of Social Protection – will be drawn to work in a practical way very closely with other comrades to protect and uphold dearly held values. They will be especially mindful of the more vulnerable members of society. They have an instinctive knowledge of how people behave in groups and have a high social curiosity. Examples of this intelligence: Army, Navy, Garda

Through a process of Psychometric testing and in-depth career counselling, these natural patterns emerge. We can then use them in the development of your career.

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