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By: lotus beauty and holistic sanctuary  07/05/2010
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Welcome to your journey of well-being at “Lotus Beauty& Holistic Sanctuary” with our unique concept of providing non-toxic, eco- friendly, all-natural andcertifiedorganic products for revolutionary skin care and spa treatments!
Our ORGANIC, Healing and Holistic Sanctuary is designed to be of service to those who want to remove the harmful chemicals from their lives, and enjoy a healthy beauty alternative. We know that there are many health conscious people, and people suffering from chemical sensitivities that are looking for all-natural beauty products and services that are 100% Natural!

Pamper your deserving body to fully escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. Come and experience green philosophy and exceed your expectation for quality organic products and treatments.

Our therapies represent the ultimate balance of inner and outer beauty of body, mind and soul by emerging ayurvedic and Asian principles. To restore balance of the life force energy and encourage a healthy flow of Prana, Sen, Yin Yang and Qi.

We believe true harmony can be achieved through the use of holistic principles, eastern philosophy and spiritual life style.


lSkin Care Treatments

 (All facials are offered with a complementary back massage.)

Series of three facials at regular intervals is recommended for better results.

PHYT’S  Facials

The 100% Natural & Organicskin care range is certified "BIO" to guarantee its purity. Chemical free, PHY T' S is a subtle alliance of organic ingredients to bring your skin all the radiance & balance you deserve.. Naturally.

*Soin Equilibre-Balancing Facial         50min         €50

Suitable for all skins. Soin Equilibre rebalances the pH of the skinnormalising sebum secretion & hydration. Deep cleansing & extractions included , yet the result of the facial shows a calm glowing skin.

 *Soin Anti-Comedone            75min         €68

For oily or acne skin with congestion of blackheads. Softens sebum build up allowing easy removal of blockages. Anti-bacterial& balancingcontrolling & normalising sebum & bacterial production.

 *Soin Capyl                     75min          €70

All types of sensitive skin; soothes rednessrelieves congestion of capillaries & reinforces their strength & resistance from further damage.

*Soin Aqua PHYT’S               75min     €75

Aqua PHYT'S is a Hyaluronic Acid Based facial which brings natural hydration to all skin types. As our skin ages, it produces less Hyaluronic acidso it is taken from plantsapplied & absorbed into the skin so it can retain moisture, therefore remains plump & soft with less visible lines.

*Soin Energie Vitale            75min       €75

An anti-ageing facial for more mature oily skinwhich aims to decongest pores &stimulate complexion sparkle to bring vitality& oxygenation back.

*Sion D’O                       75min       €78

A stimulating& firming sensational facial with feelings of heat & cold bringing firmness, freshness, oxygen & activity to the skin. Anti-ageing due to the effects of Prelude 108skin plumping due to effects on collagen of skin.

*Soin Oligo Vital        75min       €75

Nourishesfirms & plumps dry or mature skin, and is gentle enough if sensitivity is present. Remineralises due to the inclusion of many oligo elements.

*Soin Multivita Anti-ageing & Brightening         90min  €88

The king of all treatments, this facial allies all the ingredients to suit mature skins lacking in tonicity. Soin Multi Vita will diminish visible signs of fine lines. Lifting & firming, moisturizing & oxygenating. Your skin will be glowing with this glorious treatment. Perfect for any special occasion.

Lotus Ancient Signature Facial      40/70/90min     €38 /€58/€70

A prescription facial to customized each individual client’s skin. Suitable for both male & female clients.

Warming Herbal Stem Facial                    75min       €68

Stem Massage differs because they combine soothing heat with therapeutic natural herbs and essential oils. To help release toxins, increase circulation, increasing awareness and vitality.

Ultra Sonic Skin Rejuvenation Facial     60min trial     €70

Equipped with 3 treatment programs   €200

The Ultra Sonic Facial machine procedure will lighten age spots, acne scars, releasing blackheads, regeneration of skin cells which improves healing, tone and color. Safe for those with Rosacea and Melasma. It's painless and relaxing!

Oxygen Jet Facial + 15mins Pure Oxygen Inhalation     90min  €120

Course of 3 Treatments                       €300

Course of 6 Treatments                       €550

Celebrity’s top secret!!

A non-surgical treatment, it is recommended to people with acne-prone or scarred skin.Is basically a high-pressure blast of oxygen that feeds serums packed with vitamins, minerals and collagen into your skin. The result is a clearer, plumper smoother face and a younger looking you. An immediate change in appearance is common. Get your glow on with this perennially popular all-around complexion reviver.

Dermalogica Facial    Only available at Talbot st. D1

*Tailor - made prescription Facial        70mins   €58

Customized to each individual client’s skin. This is by using Dermalogica's unique Chinese face mapping techniques

to diagnose particular skin issues throughout the step-by-step process to deliver effective results in a minimum amount

of time.

*Multi Vitamin Power Regeneration Facial        75mins     €70

Most Powerful Dermalogica treatment for premature ageing,dry, sun damaged skin conditions. To improve skin texture,

tone, elasticity, cell regeneration and nourishment,Skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and revised.

*Medicated Acne Facial             75mins     €70

Specifically for skin prone to acne related breakouts,Purify your skin with Dermalogica’s medicated

clearing ingredients: Triclosan and Salicylic Acid help rid your kin of problems. Formulated to improve skin clarity

and reduce blemishes, while soothing redness and inflammation.

Add-ons:                15min each              

Eye & Lip Care                         €15

Lu’Lur China Rose Hair Treatment         € 20

Java Foot Bath                          €10 

  *Mandi Susu                           

 *Natural Herbals 


Body Treatments

Lu’Lur Rituals:

A aromatic organic ingredients used during body treatments was the focus for the inspiration behind LU’LUR.

*Traditional Javanese Lu’Lur Body Ceremony    

Bath Option         2hr 15min     €165

Without Bath        2hr          150                

Lu'lur is a luxurious ritual originating from the Royal Palaces of central Java given to the Princess for 40 days prior to her wedding day. The term Lu'lur loosely translates to the Javanese "coating of the skin".

*Hibiscus Jasmine & Turmeric Body Scrub           30min    €30

A traditional scrub to soften and sweeten the skin. The lu'lur scrub is a delicate blend of rice powder, turmeric, and essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine.

*Coco Cream Nourishing Massage And Muslin Wrap      60min   €58

Is the ultimate de-stress treatment. The blissfully warmed rich Coco Cream massage helps loosen stiff and tired muscles. The wrap is removed to reveal glowing skin, giving you a softer and more radiant complexion.

*Lu’Lur Body Smoother & Coco Cream Moisturizing Muslin Wrap    90min  €98

Starts with a Mandi Susu foot bath followed by Turmeric and Jasmine scrub and Coco cream nourishing massage and muslin wrap. this will hydrate and soften even the driest skins, leaving your skin satin smooth. 

100% Organic Om Retreat

*Detoxifying” Ritual                    120min       138

Experience this unique treatment that delivers ultimate cleansing of the body. Heat from the herbs opens the pores to eliminate toxins from the body,leaving the skin rejuvenated and nourished. The Abhyanga Oil Healing Therapy through the Marma points to decongests any blockages.

*“Slimming” Ritual               75min         €80

A perfect treatment for anti-cellulite action.

Slimming treatment allowing a hyperaemia to activate the blood circulation in association with a cooling effect provided to tone & reduce water retention. Finalised with a firming silky serum to nourish & stimulate the tissues.


*Energizing” Ritual               60min         65

Freedom of tensions are the results of this wonderful treatment,which combine relaxation manoeuvre with a selfheated cataplasm of limon mud to remove everyday tension. A total cocooning experience with the soft organic scent of plants.

*“Rescue” Ritual- Localised Slimming Wrap      55min  €68

Remineralising, Great for weight loss due to effect on circulation ,reduces fluid retention & improves colour, texture & tone of skin.

*Lotus Back Ritual                      60min        €58

This treatment is destined for backs with imperfections, skin eruption &blackheads. It has a balancing action on the sebaceous glands to calm & heal any cutaneous problem.

Royal Balinese Boreh                 60/90min         €70 /€95    

A centuries-old recipe used to protect from cold, relieve muscle aches, strengthen immune system and create relaxation. Body is rubbed with ten herbal stems followed by detoxifying massage to help optimize blood circulation, rehydrate and cleanse your body.

Oriental Ancient Bath              30min         €22

Experience the art of traditional bath ritual with selections of flowers and herbals.

*Rose Essence of Heaven

*Mandi Susu

*Himalayan Salt Aroma

*Organic Honey & Milk

*Virgin Coco Milk & Lemongrass


lMassage Therapy

Therapeutic Signature Massage   15/30/45/60min   €18/ €28/ €38/ €48         

Enjoy the benefits of a wonderful Swedish massage while promoting deep relaxation. Great for increased circulation and rejuvenation. 

Lu’Lur Balinese Massage                70/90min      €80/ €100

This deep massage gently softens and smooths muscular tension, using slow rhythmically traditional balinese massage techniques.

Abhyanga Oil Healing Therapy       60/90min         75/100

An Ayurvedic external treatment where one, two, or more therapists use massage and aromatic warm herbal oils to detoxify,nourish and balance. To inducing deep relaxation of Body, Mind and Soul!

Thai Ceremony                     60/90min       68/88

Incorporate muscle compression, joint mobilization, stretching and acupressure are used during a relaxing, energizing and rigorous massage treatment. To release tension, increase vitality, create wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit!

Shiatsu                       40/60/90min        €48/58/80

A Japanese healing art which aims to heal body, mind and spirit by balancing the flow of energy or qi throughout the body. Uses touch, pressure, and meridian stretches to relax the nervous system and invigorate the body.

Aromatherapy                      30/60/90mins    €35/€58/ €78

After the consultation, one or more essential oils are selected based on what you need and are mixed in with pure organic massage oil. Inspire your mind and let your body float away.

Traditional Indian Head               30/45min    €28/€38

Clear your head and wash your worries away with our head, scalp and neck massage. Warm herbalise oil to leave your head above the clouds.

Mama’s Cocoon-Pregnancy         30/60/90min   €40/ €60/ €80

A speciality massage delivering eternal bliss and a truly tranquil experience.Pure organic oils which are very lubricating and excellent for nourishing stretched skin,to reduce the aches and discomforts of pregnancy

Lymph Drainage Massage            60min    €55

A lymph drainage massage technique to drain fluids & toxins from the various nodes in the body,improving efficiency of system,the appearance of cellulite,skin & overall energy & functioning.

lHealing Therapy

Samunprai Hot Herbal Poultice             60min    €75     

This unique heated muslin parcel of aromatic herbs and spices is a heavenly health treatment in the raw. Effectively treats sprain, sharp pain, bruise, soreness and relaxes the tendons and ligaments to ease a restless mind.  .

Ayurveda Head& Upper Body Release      45/60min      48/€60

Unique techniques are used to help chronic muscle strain and discomfort in areas that need it the most. Excellent for those short on time but high on tension and stress.

Pranic Energy Booster                60/90min       €70/€98 

A ‘must have’ treatment!

A life force energy booster. Through special massage techniques, the energy is rejuvenated through the acupressure or Marma points. Creating a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. Head to Toe indulgence.

This intense massage may result in muscle tenderness for a few days following treatment.

Ayur De-stress Therapy                 60/90min      €60/€88

A very invigorating massage that relieves the tension from the muscle tissue.Intercellular exchange is encouraged to promote health. Excellent for those silent aches and pains!                   

Basalt Hot-stone Massage         60/75/90min      €65/€78/88

A luxurious and soothing treatment employing essential oils and heated basalt river stones to melt away tension leaving the body in a deeply relaxed and balanced state

China Rose Hair Rejuvenation         45min       €48

Warm oils are massaged into your scalp then your head is wrapped in heated towels for the hair mask to nourish your scalp and hair. Pure relaxation. Hot stones on your neck and arms and shoulders, restore balance while de stressing... the ultimate in relaxation,

Naturally Lighten Legs Care          45min     €48

Heavy legs are often the result of prolonged periods of standing up, or dietary unbalance clogging up the hepatic system & affecting elasticity of tissue walls. Decongests, drains & venous vaso-constrictor ,it will help the circulatory system & relieves heavy legs.

Reflexology                   30/60min      €35/€48

This ancient art brought up to contemporary needs is based upon the theory that your feet are reflections of the body. Therefore by massaging and working points in the feet this will benefit the entire body. Encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.

Ancient Medicated Herbal Foot Soak      20min      €20

Contains more than 28 different hand picked highest quality wild Tibetan herb extracts.Will help to exfoliate the dead skin layer and stimulating ancient reflexology points, relieves aching feet, swollen, cramped and designed to melt away stress. Go ahead, set aside 20minutes to indulge.

Medi Foot Care                70min         €65

Ancient medicated herbal foot soak combined with traditional foot massage(reflexology)


  • Eliminating dermatophytosis.
  • recovering from daily demanding work.
  • improving night time sleep, body circulation, cardio-vascular system.
  • preventing paralysis, arthritis, foot and hand numbness, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Hopi Ear Candling                15/30min          €18/ €35

Thermal Auricular Therapy is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions. These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes.


lDepilatory Waxing

We are using 100% Natural & Organic Waxes:

Bio Sugaring Wax , Calendula Hot Wax & Tea Tree Wax Organic.

(A 24hr patch test is compulsory on the clients first visit to the salon)

1/2 Leg €23

¾ Leg      35

Bikini    €18

Extended Bikini     €28

Brazilian -landing strip   €48

Hollywood -all gone    52

Under Arm        €15

Full Arm          €25

Forearm          €18

Lip or Chin        €10

Side of Face        €18

Abdomen Line      €12

Back             €36

Chest             25

No further reduction for combo treatments below

Full Leg (incl. Bikini)     45

¾ Leg + Brazilian       €65

      + Hollywood      €70

Full leg + Brazilian      €70

       + Hollywood     €80

Lip & Chin         €18

Back, Chest & Abdomen       €60

lBeautiful Eyes

(First time tinting requires a 24 hr patch test prior to tinting)

Eyelash Tint          €15

Eyebrow Tint          10

Eyebrow Shape, Wax or Threading     €10

Eyelash Perm                      €30

No further discount for combo treatments below

Eyelash Tint & Perm                €40 

Eyelash & Brow Tint                €22

Brow Tint & Shape                  €18

Eyelash/Brow Tint & Shape              €32

Party Lashes                      

*Strip                 18

*Individual             28

*Ring Own False Lash   €8

Silk Lash Extension          

*Full Set – 2hrs           €115

*Half Set­­­­- 1hr             €65

*Refills – From 30mins       €35 

*Remove            €20

Organic Mineral-Make up    €25

We select the ranges of Non-toxic, Chemical-free, Water-basednail lacquers which are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalates), Xylene, FD&C colors, and Camphor.

lHand Care  

(Extra 3 for French finish)

File & Paint         12

Lotus Express Mani    20 

Routine: file, cuticle work , polish

Lotus Signature Manicure       €28

Routine: hand soak, file, cuticle work, massage, nourish, polish

Lu ’Lur Luxury Hand Ritual          60min  45

Extra dry or chapped hands

Result: Brighter nourished skin and nails.

Never-off  Polish On Hand       €38

Artificial Nails--Gel or Acrylic

*Natural/ Glitter       €50

*French Tip          €55

*Art Design          From €60

*Refills             From €30

*One Nail          €8

*Remove          €20

*After Artificial Treatment      €38

lFeet Care

File & Paint On Toes         15

Lotus Express Pedi          30

Routine foot bath, callus remove, cuticle work, polish

Lotus Signature Pedicure       48

Routine foot bath, exfoliate, callus remove, cuticle work, massage, polish

Never-off  Polish On Toes           €40 

Lu ‘Lur luxury foot spa         60min     €65

Dry chapped feet

A pampering treat for tired under nourished feet.

Javanese Footacial                 30min    32

A 'facial' for your feet with scrub, mask and massage.


Callus Peel           20

Paraffin wax          €8

lAir Spray Tan

Organic Sunless Tanning-Aviva

*Half /Full Body         28/ 39

He She Tan , Eco Tan , Amber Mist Tan & Sunfx Tan etc…

*Half/Full Body          €22/€30                       

Body Polish & Aviva Organic Tanning       60min      €58

A deep exfoliating and sunless tanning (Aviva Organic tanning gel) 


(No extra charge for french tip)

A Spiritual Journey               3hr30min        €198


*Lotusancient signature Facial  *China Rose Hair Rejuvenation *Hibiscus jasmine & turmeric body scrub *Abhyanga oil healing therapy 

Sedona Healing Touch            3hr30min        €178


*Warming Herbal Stem Facial *Royal Balinese boreh *Medi -foot care 

Pregnancy Wellness                3hr          €145


*Soin Equilibre-Balancing Facial*Mama’s cocoon-pregnancy massage*Lotus express mani*Lotus express pedi

Men Zen Harmony                   2hr40min        €150


*Samunprai hot herbal poultice*Traditional Indian Head*Medi -foot care

Karma Pre- holiday                     2hr       €98


*Body Polish & Aviva Organic Tanning *Lotus express Mani & Pedi.

Charming Doll--Debs            2hr30min       €100             


*Gel nail *File & paint on toes *Organic Sunless Tanning-Aviva * Party lashes--Individual                    

Sukara Glow--Night Out          1hr       €58


*File & paint on hand & toes *Organic Sunless Tanning-Aviva

 Royal Party Paradise             3hr30min     €185

Perfect package to celebrate any special occasion in life!


*Soin Multivita * “Rescue” Ritual -Localised Slimming Wrap *Body Polish & Aviva Organic

Yin & Yang Bliss--Wedding        €518 {Part A+B} /€898{Part A(Course of 3) +B}


Part A*Soin Multivita* “Slimming” Ritual  *China Rose Hair Rejuvenation*Ancient medicated herbal foot soak

Part B*Silk Lash Extension *Brazilian + heart shape *Gel nail + Art *Never-off Polish on Toes +Art *Body Polish & Aviva Organic Tanning.

Additional Advance Treatments

Please ask any therapist for more information.

Teeth Whitening

Rejuvenation Injection




Carry-out Services

 * Home

 * Hospital

 * Nursing home




Points of Consideration

*Client Confidentiality

Clients reserving appointments are required to provide certain personal information. All personal information obtained is secured and considered strictly confidential.


When booking an appointment above 100, we may require a 50% deposit. The deposit will be credited to your service upon arrival.


Client advised to arrive 15 mins early prior to complete our questionnaire or consultation. Phone us if you are running late so we can accommodate or reschedule your appointment.


We require 24 hours notice of cancellation without charge. Should you miss your appointment, the deposit will be non-refundable.


Switch off your mobile phone. It's your time for relaxation and pampering, so forget about the distractions of the day while you're with us

*Gift Vouchers

Courses and Gift Vouchers valid for 8 months. Courses are non-transferable. Lost vouchers can not be replaced. No cash refund with Gift Vouchers.


Our phenomenal therapists are highly qualified, licensed professionals. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding a therapist’s background of expertise. Please note that our therapists do not make medical diagnosis or prescribe or recommend any type of medication to treat any type of illness.

Thank you for taking the time to see what we are all about & We look forward to seeing you at


Please feel free to call or email us for an appointment availability and advance booking!      

Blackrock:  01—288 5558

Dublin 1:  01 – 8366 255

E-mail: [email protected]


NO. 6 Temple Road Blackrock Co. Dublin

Opposite of Tonic Pub

Above Brian Robert Hair Studio

NO. 54 Talbot St. Dublin 1. IFSC  (Trade as SCRUPLES BEAUTY)

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday & Saturday: 9:30am – 6:30pm

Wednesday - Friday: 9:30am - 8:00pm

Sunday: 11pm - 4pm


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