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By: Oncomark  05/12/2011
Keywords: breast cancer, Cancer Patients, Image Analysis

IHC-MARK Quantitation Software

Example of automatic assessment of nuclear protein expression in breast cancer tissues.

A novel unsupervised clustering approach was used to overcome one of the major barriers in image analysis - the identification of tumour nuclei from stromal tissue. The output shows positive tumour nuclei in red and negative tumour nuclei in blue. Data generated from the analysis include % positive nuclei and nuclear intensity.

IHC-Mark Algorithms Quantify:

  • Intensity of staining
  • Stain spatial density measurements
  • Cell counting of  Tumour specific cells
  • Cell counting of Immune T-cells
  • Differentiation of sub-cellular localisation ratios
  • Nuclear
  • Cytoplasmic
  • Membranous

Q. Why is this useful?

A. Gives greater insight to aid interpretation.


Validated on:

  • 1,000 breast cancer patients
  • 3,000 prostate cancer patients
  • Multiple other tumour types
  • Multiple biomarkers

Keywords: breast cancer, Cancer Patients, Image Analysis