LEISTER market leader for welding machines used in plastics processing

By: Cable Accessories  05/12/2011

For decades now Leister has been the worldwide market leader for welding machines used in plastics processing. The performance and reliability of Leister products make them the first choice worldwide.

The devices are used in roof sealing systems, in civil engineering, for floor coverings, tarpaulins, in process equipment manufacture, for vehicle repairs and shrinking.

In addition to plastic processing, Leister hot air systems are deployed in countless industrial production processes. The products raise cost effectiveness and make processes more efficient. There is hardly any industry that does not profit from our diverse advantages.

Whether for activation, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, sterilisation, drying or warming: Hot air is increasingly used – and increasingly with Leister products- because our customers need durable and maintenance free devices.

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Tyco Electronics manufactures the world’s largest range of heat-shrinkable tubing- tubing that provides cable protection offering exceptional insulation. Tyco Electronics, for its Raychem products, pioneered the application of radiation crosslinking and the development of heat-shrinkable polymer products. It is backed by a history of proven performance, reliability, innovation and superior quality.



We work on-site with the contractor to provide them with Detailed Design Schedules listing circuit locations; exact Bill of Materials; Electrical requirements and assist in marked-up drawings. For all our trace heating projects, we offer a full suite of design services including: estimation take-offs; heat loss calculations; optimised circuit layouts and electrical requirements.


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They provide dependable insulation, chemical and mechanical protection, strain relief, seals and identification in a wide variety of applications and environments. The Altera family of medical-grade tubing products is specifically designed to fulfill various application requirements found in medical devices and components.


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FlexLite Wire Products Raychem’s FlexLite wire and cable products provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of commercial applications, from appliances to electronics to motors and electrical equipment. Lightweight yet rugged SPEC 44 and SPEC 55 wire and cable products are radiation-crosslinked to provide superior electrical characteristics and physical strength.