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By: Esselte  05/12/2011

Black or White

100% Leitz. 100% Trend.

Back to basics

Sometimes the simplest things are the most elegant. The Black and White range from Leitz is just that. A complete range of office and personal solutions from the latest files and folders through to staplers, punches and letter trays all available in a glossy black or white finish.

Choosing the look for your office is essential if you want to create the right impression - especially if you have frequent client visits. Many clients will judge your organisation as much by your office as they will from your brochure or website.

Even if it is just your colleagues visiting, your working environment tells everyone about what it means to work in your organisation. Think about the image you want them to have everyday?

Pure elegance

The simple elegance formed by an array of black and white stationery is perfect for many businesses, from stylish fashion houses and architects through to many more routine operations. You can choose all black, all white or a creative combination but they all say that you are effortlessly stylish and super organised too.

Always in fashion

What are the hot colours this year? Lime green? That was last year – or was it? When you choose black and white you never need to worry about keeping up with trends. Black and white was cool for Coco Chanel 50 years ago as well as designers today.

Remember - because black and white is always in fashion you never need to throw things out.. it even adds up financially to keep the accountants happy!

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How beautiful can green be

As well as lever arch files and letter trays, the Leitz re:cycle range also contains magazine files, 3 flap folders, box and project files, as well as pockets and folders. Various studies conducted throughout Europe confirm that about 80% of consumers prefer purchasing environmentally sound products. Leitz re:cycle - The furthest you can go in going green. Green" is on everyones lips. How beautiful can green be.