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By: Merrion Computing  05/12/2011

  • Based on enterprise class database - The SQL server database used by the PUMA system is a powerful multi user database system
  • Increased information security - Non-administrator users can only view information about documents that they have printed
  • Open file formats - you can save printer usage reports in the industry standard formats XML and comma seperated values for importing into other applications
  • Custom paper sizes - The PUMA system supports all the standard paper sizes, including A0 and A1 (which are particularily useful in architecture firms) and you can add any custom sizes that suit your needs
  • Customised reports - You can add or modify printer usage reports to suit your particular needs
  • Per server licensing - You do not have to purchase additional licenses if you add additional printers to your network

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The printer monitoring service is responsible for watching the selected printers and storing details of every document printed and any changes in the printer settings. The printer usage viewer allows you to view the document history of all the printers that are being monitored and to perform reports on that document history. This allows you to perform an audit of printer usage.


The .NET Printer Queue Monitor Component from Merrion Computing Ltd - puma overview

Each of these reports can be further restricted by the printer on which the job was printed, the document name, the date and time range it was printed or by the user who sent the job to be printed. The Printer Usage Monitoring Application is an open and extensible printer usage monitoring application designed for the Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 server range.


The .NET Printer Queue Monitor Component from Merrion Computing Ltd - puma reports

There are a number of standard reports that are included in the printer usage monitoring application. This report allows you to plan your paper purchasing by analysing previous paper use by paper type. This report shows all the documents that have been printed since the monitor was installed. This can help the scheduling of batch print jobs to minimise the impact on the other users.


The Printer Usage Monitoring Application from Merrion Computing Ltd

This means that you may use the application or source code in any context provided that you include an attribution in your delivery, and that you include a copy of this license document.