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By: Cmcs  05/12/2011
Keywords: parties

Maintenance of a list of mediators and conciliators.

The role of the mediator or conciliator requires a special type of person. This person needs to be able to deal with disputing parties fairly, in a changing environment, and have the necessary techniques to persuade and encourage the parties to see a resolution to their own disputes. Conciliators must be able to assess the relative merits of a party's position to assist them in overcoming their own prejudices. The conciliator/mediator's aim is to allow the parties to agree and therefore move on and develop their commercial relationship which may suffer unnecessarily if a dispute is allowed to grow enough to be resolved through Litigation or Arbitration.

Our mediator and conciliator lists are regularly updated. We review all disputes to ensure a suitable mediator/ conciliator is appointed. The particular aspects of any dispute will require an experienced conciliator/mediator with the right skill sets to get the right solution.

Keywords: parties