Statewide Towing :: 24hr Recovery Specialist

By: Statewide Towing  05/12/2011
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Statewide Towing :: 24hr Recovery Specialist


We provide a full spectrum of services necessary to cover all incidents of vehicle breakdown and recovery however small or major the incident, whatever the make or size of the Vehicle.  

We are also equipped to recover plant, heavy machinery/ boats / mobile homes/ caravans and abnormal loads.

Roadside Assistance service is delivered with a key focus on ensuring that your vehicle will be back on the road in the shortest of time. All staff are professionally trained to ensure you receive a fully professional service.

In the event that we are unable to mobilise your vehicle at the roadside, the vehicle and passenger/s can be recovered to a repair centre or to your choice of destination.

The 24hr Tyre Service is on call to assist you with punctures and/ or replacement tyres . If the puncture is unrepairable, most sizes of tyres are held in stock and can, where practicable, be fitted at the roadside.  Tyre stock includes, Car, Van, Truck & Agricultural Tyres

The Light vehicle recovery fleet enables us to attend any incident and consists of the following:

Ø      Ø      Tilt and Slide vehicles, which can carry vehicles of up to 5 tonnes.

Ø      Ø      Crew Cab vehicle with a 6.5 tonnes capacity and capable of transporting up to 6 passengers.

Ø      S pec’ Lift Vehicle, this is a specialized vehicle designed to be able to recover vehicles from Underground and Multi-storey car parks.  Also capable of normal recovery work.

Ø      Prestige and Classic Vehicles.  All additional equipment / requirements for recovering these vehicles are available e.g. Protective Wheel covers. Number Plate covers.

Ø      Motorcycle Recovery

The Heavy Recovery fleet all have state-of-the-art equipment to enable us to cater for any incident  

Ø      4 Heavy Recovery vehicles, with kit including 30T Cranes and Heavy Duty winches.   Including a Dyson Landoll Travelling Axle Trailer capable of safely transporting a disabled tractor unit and trailer.  One of the key features of this vehicle is the super low angle of loading, which means that vehicles with low ground clearance e.g. Coaches can be loaded and recovered without damaging the underside of the vehicle.  

Ø      This vehicle is also available for moving plant, heavy machinery, mobile homes, boats, caravans and abnormal loads.  

Ø      Air Cushion Recovery


Modern coaches have low ground clearance making recovery a complex operation. Our fully equipped Landoll trailer is designed to allow us to load Coaches and transport them without any damage to the underside.

The truck mounted Crane is capable of lifting 11 tonnes at 2 meters and 3 tonnes at 8 meters.  This enables vehicles to be recovered from off-road situations.

We can also offer contract recovery and have our vehicle painted in your livery. This image shows a crew cab recovery vehicle in the contract colour of Mapfre Asistencia.

At our base we can provide secure storage for your vehicles. Both indoor and outdoor  storage facilities are available, dependent upon the requirements.

A forklift service is also available to aid with the movement of vehicles.

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