System Reliability / Power Quality Solutions

By: Premium Power  05/12/2011

System reliability and uptime are key performance factors for any system and particularly for electrical power management. The electrical supply to modern load is increasingly conditioned and controlled by electronic devices. While these electronic interfaces increase efficiency and improve control of load, they also increase the vulnerability of equipment to distortions in the electrical power supply. This can lead to component and equipment failure in mission critical system. The resulting direct and consequential losses can be extremely expensive. Premium Power staff have a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between of electrical power system and electronic equipment and can help customers address these issue so as to ensure high uptime and system reliability. We have an in-depth engineering experience and skills in resolving electrical system reliability issues. We can provide

  • Electrical Network Modeling and Studies
  • Voltage Sag Mitigation
  • Harmonic Mitigation
  • Protection Coordination Studies
  • Power Quality Monitoring Systems

Circuit testing

In certain cases Power Quality issues may be addressed by a simple fix while in others a complex design solution may be required to solve the problem. Premium Power has extensive expertise in this area and we can

  • Identify your problem
  • Solve your problem
  • Devise Solutions
  • Use a Harmonic Calculator

We can use either temporary or permanent power quality monitoring system in order to gather the necessary data.  And with the help of our advanced software tools,  our engineers can process  this information to design cost effective global or local solutions.

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We can use either temporary or permanent power quality monitoring system in order to gather the necessary data, and our engineers then use this information to design cost effective global or local solutions. Premium Power has the specialist engineering expertise needed to analyse difficult power quality and harmonic problems and design solutions to overcome these problems.


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Arc flash hazard analysis Premium Power can assess the risk of electrical accidents giving rise to electrical arc flash and to recommend the level of personal protection equipment to be used when working on any selected MV /LV switch room or switch board. Have you absolute confidence that your business has effective safety procedures and systems in place on its electrical networks.


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