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The following rods are the most common requests we get for rods, but remember if you want something special have a look at the 'custom tapers' section.

Paul H. Young

Paul Young issued his first catalog in 1927, listing four models in sizes from 7-1/2 feet to nine feet in length, built on his concept of compound tapers. He was a dedicated fly fisherman and an excellent caster, and the rods he produced reflected his conviction that fly presentation was the most critical element of success. Even his early rods displayed a lightness and delicacy that became a hallmark of all Young rods. He was continually changing and improving his various rod models in a constant search for perfection. The response to his rods was phenomenal and he was continually behind on orders. He continued crafting rods until his death in 1960, his son Jack and grandson Todd have continued his work since then.

Available Rods

Midge - 6'3" 2 piece 4wt

Driggs River Special - 7'2" 2 piece 5wt

Perfectionist - 7'6" 2 piece 5wt


Lyle Linden Dickerson has historically been one of the least understood and appreciated rodmakers who ever crafted bamboo rods in America. He practiced his trade in Michig an, far from the Catskills area that was the center of bamboo rod making activity during the first half of the century, so he was never as well known nor as accepted as other noted rodmakers of that era. Yet in recent years, fishermen and collectors have come to realize what a master craftsman Dickerson was and the prices of his rods have soared to near the pinnacle of the classic bamboo rod market.

Available Rods

7613 - 7'6" 2 piece 5wt

8013 - 8'0" 2 piece 5wt

6611 - 6'6" 2 piece 4wt


In 1869, Leonard designed and built his first fishing rod of ash and lancewood in Bangor, Maine. He sent the rod to a sporting goods house in Boston, 'Bradford and Anthony'. They were so impressed with his work that they commissioned him to build four-strip cane rods for them. Leonard subsequently adapted the six-strip principle to his cane rods and thus was born the first commercially built six-strip cane rod as we know it today.

Available Rods

38H - 7'0" 2 piece 5wt


The E.F. Payne Rod Co. was founded in 1898 in highland Mills N.Y. By 1904 or so Ed Payne was joined by his 10 year old son Jim as apprentice and only 10 short years later Ed Payne passed away in 1914 leaving his son Jim a legacy and large shoes to fill. Jim had become quite accomplished as a rod maker and the exquisite rods of his fathers design continued being made without interruption. Less than 2 years later Jim began his experiments in flame tempering of the bamboo and once perfected the darkened cane rod which became his legacy was born.

Available Rods

101 - 7'6" 2 piece 5wt

98 - 7'0" 2 piece 4wt


Goodwin C. Granger began building bamboo rods commercially in Denver, Colorado, in about 1919 and by 1920 had formed Goodwin Granger & Co. In 1926 the company was renamed Goodwin Granger Co. The early model Goodwin Rod, Granger Rod, Colorado Special and Denver Special were renamed in 1930 and the new names remained relatively consistent throughout the history of the company. New models such as the Champion and Victory were added later.

Available Rods

8642 - 8'6" 3 piece 5wt


Everett Garrison began making fly rods in 1927 in the United States of America, making his own tools and designing his own unique fly rod tapers. In his time he made over 700 Garrison fly rods. Everett Garrison was regarded as one

of the world's great bamboo rodmakers and will be remembered for all time in Fly Fishing American Folklore!

Available Rods

202E - 7'0" 2 piece 5wt


By 1880 the Hardy brothers had added bamboo rods to their range of rods. The Company was the first manufacturer to invent a system for building rods in hexagonal form from bamboo. The Hardy Palakona bamboo rod won the Company's first exhibition gold medal in 1881. Hardy products only stopped winning when gold medals were no longer presented at such exhibitions.

Available Rods

Marvel 7643 - 7'5" 3 piece 4wt

Keywords: Cane Rods

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