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Webites for users of services

Dual Recovery Anonymous™ is an independent, non professional, twelve step, self-help fellowship organisation for people with a dual diagnosis.

A blog by a sufferer who talks about dual diagnosis (sign in required)

Useful links on mental health:

Websites for service providers

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
An extensive Canadian website with a very professional easy to use  training programme booklet for service professionals aimed at increasing awareness of the stigma of dual diagnosis at reducing the barriers for people trying to access services
The “beyond the label” toolkit programme can be down loaded free of charge.

Dual Diagnosis, Australia & New Zealand
Another extensive website on dual diagnosis with articles, fact sheets, presentations, reports , and audio downloads. Also has free self assessment checklists for both individuals and organisations who are trying to improve their capacity to deal with co-occurring mental health & addiction issues. Users can also sign up for a  regular ezine (electronic magazine) The Government’s mental health and addiction strategy can also be downloaded.

Dual Diagnosis, America
A website developed by Kathleen Sciacca with a wide range of materials and useful videos for purchase on developing a dual diagnosis service. Users can also sign up for an ezine.

Homeless Agency
This Irish Government agency has a number of research reports on addicition and mental health in relation to homelessness.

Lenus is the Irish health repository (library) for the HSE . There  is very little on dual diagnosis but there are some (out of date) material on addiction. useful resources on mental health, including mental health screening tools and the Inspector of Mental Health’s annual reports.

Useful links on addiction

Internet Discussion Group for service providers

Australian Discussion Group
For students & professionals interested in the area of dual diagnosis. You must sign up to join in.

American based Linked-in discussion group (run by Kathleen Sciacca )
For professionals interested in the area of dual diagnosis. You must sign up for both linkedin and the specific group to join in. Also has materials for download.

(If you are already a member of linked in)

Keywords: Addiction, Addiction And Mental Health, mental health,

Other products and services from Dual Diagnosis


Services - Dual Diagnosis Ireland

Develop a panel of therapists and counsellors with particular expertise in Dual Diagnosis treatment. Dual Diagnosis Ireland is developing a panel of counsellors and therapists. You must have experience in Addiction and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The relationship will be solely between the therapist and the client. You must understand the link between addiction & mental health. Dual Diagnosis Ireland will simply act as a referral agency.


Panel of Therapists - Dual Diagnosis Ireland

You must have a recognised qualification from a professional counselling organisation.You must have experience in Addiction and Cognitive Behavioural TherapyYou must be familiar with DSMIV and mental health issuesYou must understand the link between addiction & mental healthYou must work in a holistic manner with clients. Dual Diagnosis Ireland is developing a panel of counsellors and therapists.


Articles and Reports - Dual Diagnosis Ireland

This points to a lack of assessment of treatment planning & outcomes with data not being collected correctly.The lack of good measurement data means clients with dual diagnosis who are not getting the right treatment are not being identified. We would like to thank Declan Byrne for contributing two documents he has written, which we hope will be interesting and informative to those concerned about Dual Diagnosis in Ireland.


Books - Dual Diagnosis Ireland

The very moving readable biography of Irish singer Mary Coughlan detailing how her abusive childhood led to psychiatrist care, numerous addiction rehabs at huge personal cost, until finally her underlying problems were addressed. A useful insight into the world of addiction & mental health for those suffering & those caring. The Road to mental health and addiction recovery. Treatment planning for person-centered care.