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By: Dtalk  05/12/2011
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Coaching & Mentoring Overview

Coaching and mentoring services, often availed of in the commercial sector, are increasingly being recognised as being necessary and appropriate to the development sector also. Coaching and mentoring has been found to make a significant difference in leadership and staff development. While this impact is more visible at the individual level, the impact also permeates through to the organisation. Coaching and mentoring interventions have evolved in line with the trend towards ongoing capacity-building processes rather than one-off events and are informed by an increasingly people-centred and ‘holistic’ approach to capacity building.

What is Coaching and Mentoring?

There are some perceived differences between the two approaches. Coaching tends to be viewed as more task-oriented, skills-focused, directed and time-bound, whereas mentoring is more focused on open-ended personal development. Recently, however, there appears to be increasing convergence, making them less distinct in practice.

Why is it needed?

From our experience we know that managers sometimes need a little bit more than a course or an advice to come to performance improvement. Managers often find themselves in a lonely position, not having a sounding board or people to talk to about doubts they come across in their work. Often you may have ideas on how possibly you can handle things in a better way. But you do not always want to, nor can you afford to, gain your insight through trial and error.

By using this service you will find your coach asking you clarifying and critical questions, sharing experiences and inviting you to think broader. Our coaches and mentors will help you find new options and think through possible consequences.

How does it work?

DTALK Coaching & Mentoring support is designed to improve the performance of individuals and management teams in the Development Sector in order to meet their organisation’s specific needs. Individuals are matched with an external, objective, supportive professional to work on the identified needs.

At the start the individual and the coach or mentor agree the purpose of the coaching or mentoring relationship and the time frame. They then work together in a confidential and supportive way towards agreed goals. Interaction, particularly at the early stages, centres on face-to-face communication. Support can also be provided by e-mail and telephone/skype.

There are a variety of coaching and mentoring models to guide sessions. The model a coach/mentor chooses to use depends on their own and the client's context, style and approach. But more often than not effective coaching and mentoring will

  • involve a learning agreement.
  • include purposeful conversations.
  • be holistic and empowering.
  • create trusting relationships and a safe space.
  • adapt to the context.
  • be flexible in style and approach.
  • encourage experimenting and observing.
  • respond to culture and diversity.
  • use resources effectively.
  • use effective questioning and listening.

Benefits of availing of DTALK's Coaching and Mentoring service.

  • Expert: You can tap in on a one-to-one basis with senior level expertise in DTALK. Our experts have significant experience in challenging and demanding roles across multiple disciplines and organisations in Ireland and abroad.
  • Flexible: Coaching and mentoring fit into the busy schedules of your daily work. Services can be provided on an hourly basis, face-to-face or via distance communication.
  • Targeted: Individuals receive one-to-one attention from senior-level and highly skilled mentors or coaches; and management teams receive dedicated expertise & support in building on the relevant skills and competencies to address their identified need.
  • Supportive: The coaching/mentoring relationship helps to break the isolation experienced by individual executives or senior management
  • Effective: It supports the improved performance of individual staff or management teams.

Who can avail of this service?

Any Civil Society Organisation from the Irish Development Sector can avail of this service. Irish Aid subsidised rates range from €360 to €520 per day.

If you wish to find out more about how this service can help you and your organisation or have any question please contact us.


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