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By: Dragons Of Light  05/12/2011

Shamanic Baby Blessing is a very powerful protection given to a baby at birth.  The art of giving this gift to children when they enter the world has been almost forgotten for hundreds of years, and therefore is almost unknown in modern society.  A true linage shamanic baby blessing bestows a shield of love and light on the child, which in everyday-speak means: the negativity of the world cannot reach the child to affect him or her.  

Parents who have given this gift to their children, find that being a parent is easier, from their children having almost no temper tantrums, to being able to communicate their needs more clearly from a much earlier age.  The benefits of this blessing will last your child their entire life, as the shield or protection that the child receives will provide ongoing protection, minimising the impact of negativity, peer-pressure, and societal demands and conventions.

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Mostly, they are superfoods that are difficult to source in Ireland, and Caroline has found companies that are ethical, environment conscious, and work to the principals of fair trade and sustainability. Pure Synergy powder - a super green powder that is a full food, it can be a meal, it can be a supplement like a multi-vita-mineral, and it alkalyses the body.


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We offer a range of massages options tailored to every client, some of the options are deep tissue massage, theraputic acupressure, relaxing aromatic oil massage, arnica balm for muscle pain, tension and spasm. A technological adaptation of the knowledge, theory and benefits of acupuncture, combined with the technology of Laser -Light, so that you get all the benefits of acupuncture, without the needles.


Amega Wand Healing - Dragons Of Light

Whether you are looking for emotional healing and balance, to an improvement in your physical health, or simply a little more balance in your life, this session has fantastica results. The wand works to remind the body of its perfection, working at all levels from energy, to atoms, to molecules to cells and up to the complete systems within the body.


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Energy is the basis of all physical structures, from the components of atoms, through the creation of molecules up to the functioning of the human body and how the planets function, and then into the realms that are so vast it is difficult to contemplate them. Through the use of chants, the crystals are assisted in accessing the energy of the planet and Gaia, creating a powerful healing space.


Isis Healing - Dragons Of Light

Whether it is your thoughts or emotions that are constantly focused on something that is not helping you to be your potential. The Isis healing is an ancient method of collecting together all the “bits” that make you complete. In the Myths, Isis collected all the pieces of Osiris to bring him back to life. Let the energy of the Isis healing help you live more. Would you like to stop your emotions controlling you.


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Around the time of the 2nd world war, a Japanese woman, Hawayo Takata, living in Hawaii who had trained with one of Usui's students (Chujiro Hayashi), started sharing Reiki with the western world. In the late 1990's it was discovered that one of Chujiro Hayashi's other students Chiyoko Yamaguchi, was still alive, and practicing Reiki, in the way she was taught by Hayashi.