By: Dowshu  05/12/2011
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2000 was the year that saw the demise of the traditional Time Lapse VCRs and Video multiplexers which were in widespread use in the CCTV Industry. It would be justifiably argued by some that its demise was way too soon as many of the “New age Digital Video Recorders”, while offering a less time consuming operational alternative, few offered little by way of improved video Quality capture in the early days.

While many improvements have been introduced in the art of Digital Video Recording for the CCTV industry most manufacturers have not gone far enough in areas of quality, due to the use of poor compression techniques and low frame capture rates brought about by the unwillingness to invest in the somewhat costlier hardware techniques such as can be found in the Television Broadcasting Industry.

Allied to this is an unwillingness by the industry to improve the tools provided to the customers in order to make most use of available technologies in the refining and retrieval of archived video footage. The absence of real time high resolution recording with lip sync audio, and the lack of intelligent features that are required to retrieve such information has indeed done a disservice to the very customers that keep the industry in business.

Dowshu has perfected the art of real time video capturing and lip – sync audio encoding at resolutions provided by the latest camera technology.

Dowshu proprietary CQE 264 encoding has enabled us to produce unparalleled levels of quality at  less than one third of the file size produced by our main competitors, this allows us to provide our customers with up to 10 years continuous 24/7 recording of 16 cameras, in a single box solution”.

Dowshu DVRs are available with real time recording on the complete range 9/16/32/48 and 64 camera models.

There are many industry myths, which have come about by, the Digital Recording Industry not keeping pace with the advancements that camera manufacturers and others have achieved.

Here is a classic case – when an installation company salesman, meets a potential customers he will actively promote the benefits of using high resolution cameras over conventional standard or low resolution cameras, invariably the customer will rightly see the benefits of the advice that he is given.

Then more often than not this customer will end up investing in a Digital Recorder that is only capable of “ recording multiple cameras at high frame rates at perhaps a quarter of the resolution that the cameras can produce” on a live unrecorded image. This results in disappointment for the customer as he is left with poor quality recorded images from cameras that can produce resolution up to 4 times higher. In essence the customer could have saved money in this instance, by investing in the cheaper low-resolution model camera, with exactly the same end result. At Dowshu our new range of Digital Recorders will record at high-resolution real time.

Then comes another classic which happens all too often, the customer specification is for perhaps 16 channels of video at high resolution real time recording with lip –sync audio. This in itself is a reasonable request but the client seldom gets what is specified and then the myth comes into play.

Due to the unavailability of DVR product that will fulfil the specification in full or because of cost factors, an alternative specification is offered, stating perhaps 24/7 recording, 16 cameras at 7 frames per second per camera and all with lip sync –audio, so ask yourself?  Lip sync audio? “At a frame rate of 7 frames per second? ”

These are just two of many examples , where the DVR industry has failed up to now to keep pace  with advancements  in technology in other parts of our industry.

The Dowshu range of DVRs provide for real-time recording from the latest high resolution cameras together with lip –sync audio on all channels at prices which are far less than our competitors present product offering.

Keywords: digital video, Digital Video Recording, video, video recording

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