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By: Douglas Leonard  05/12/2011

I have been a Strength coach and Trainer for over 10 years now and with my Experience in the industry I have come up with Specific Treatment protocols for the re-occurring injuries that I see time and time again. People from a sporting background be it weight training, swimming, running etc. Tend to use the same muscles over and over again while participating in the same exercise. This creates a specific pattern of tightness in the body, and if the opposing muscles are not strengthened the inevitable outcome will be an injury.

The Body is wonderful at compensating; if one part of the Body is not working or a part shuts down some other part will take over for it and do the extra work. That is until this part can no longer manage to do both job. Usually this is were the person has been training on a Specific Injury for a period of time and hoping that it will go away only to get a more serious injury further along the chain.

As I treat the injuries I will also design specific rehabilitation programs to strengthen the  weakened muscles and stretch the muscles that have tightened up to cause the injury. It is very important to me and to the clients to get back into there sport or routine as soon as possible. I can advise them what exercises that they should be doing and more importantly what they should not do while effectively rehabilitant the injury.

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Physical Therapy Dublin - Doug Leonard

I made an appointment to see Doug and after the first session there was at least a 50% improvement.. His style of treatment really works well for me with sporting injuries.. Doug identified what the real problem was.


Physical Therapist Dublin

A thorough examination of the Soft tissue (muscles, ligament and tendons) including Range of motion of the related joint and postural analysis provides me with the detailed information needed to make the diagnosis and a subsequent treatment plan. I use a wide range of Specific remedial techniques aimed at balancing muscles relieving stiffness, Aches, improving flexibility and preventing further injuries.


A.R.T. Active Release Techniques Provider Dublin, Ireland

The active motion causes Neurologic perception of movement and position which causes an impulse to pass through an internuncial neuron to the Lateral Spinal Thalamic Tract that modifies pain impulses. This Lends comfort to the patient and allows the patient to modify treatment speed and position according to the perceived response to treatment.