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A Percolation Test or Site Assessment is required for planning permissions for all proposed new homes which do not have access to public mains and in some counties it is also required for planning applications for extensions to existing houses. A Percolation Test and Site Assessment is essentially an analysis of your site; the hydraulic properties of your soil; and the height of the water table on your site, in order to determine what type of wastewater treatment system and percolation area would be most suitable to deal with your household wastewater. The waste system design consists of a Wastewater Treatment System (septic tank, packages treatment system, peat filters, wetlands) and percolation area. Proper testing, system selection and percolation design minimise the risk of contamination of our water resources and malfunction of your system.
We are entirely independent of any wastewater treatment system manufacturer and so recommend the system which is most suitable to your site, and advise on the economics of any options which may exist. Our tests are all carried out by a qualified and Chartered Surveyor who has also completed the FAS/FETAC “Site Suitability On-site Wastewater Treatment” Certificate. We carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by the County Counci

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