Eco Architects Ireland



Eco Architects Ireland have many years experiece in all aspects of design, in many catagories, ranging from one off residential dwellings, multiple housing developments, apatrtments, commercial and industrial,  and refurbishment works.
Our projects aim to demonstrate that living and working in harmony with the micro-cosm of a individual site can develop an understanding about minimising our day-to-day impact on it and on the macro-cosm of our world as a whole.
Our Projects - Past & Present
Eco Architects Ireland  projects aim to integrate health, education and working with the natural environment. Our buildings will generally generate their own clean energy from on site  renewable resources, harvest their own water and recycle waste materials causing no pollution or CO2 emissions.
Our buildings will be designed to passive solar guidelines following the Association for Environment Conscious Buildings, AECB, Silver, Gold or Platinum standards comparable with the acclaimed zero heat German Passiv Haus projects.