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Our assessors at MCM Associates  - Architecture & Surveying  are not only trained and registered as prescribed by SEI, but also have a depth of experience in the use of renewable and sustainable technologies predating this scheme. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you on the design and built elements that contribute to a high rating and on cost effective improvements.

MCM  - BER Certification  - is a subsidiary service offered by MCM. Associates -  Architecture & Surveying which is a progressive and vibrant architectural design & surveying company, located on the main street in Raphoe, Co Donegal.

The company is headed up by TJ McMenamin and has been involved in architectural design in The Donegal & Northwest area for the last 15 years.
We draw on this expertise in the design and construction sector, to ensure that we can develop the clients ideas and aspirations into reality, in an efficient and cost efficient manner, which will result in building projects that we can all be proud of.

What we do !

New and existing buildings surveyed to ascertain and measure their energy performance.

Preliminary Building Energy Rating

From your plans we can provide you with a provisional BER. This is to give you an indication of how your building is going to perform. During the early stages of your project you may not have decided on a heating system, final levels of insulation etc, we will provide expert advice on products and services to choose from, at these vital points in the build.

Final Building Energy Rating

This is the second and final BER. Only once all aspects of the build are complete can this final report be provided. Final BER are also available for all existing buildings being offered for sale or letting.

Heat Loss & Energy Consumption Analysis

Following the complete survey of the building we take all aspects of heat loss and energy consumption into consideration; we then advise you of the various improvements and renewable options available, to give you the optimum energy performance strategy for your building. This will allows you increase your building's energy efficiency and reduce its annual running costs.

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