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By: Nuvotem Talema  05/12/2011
Keywords: Transformers, inductors, Magnetics

      Nuvotem Talema design and manufacture a wide variety of magnetic components, both custom-designed to the customers' specifications and also a comprehensive "standard" range of magnetics.
The Products can be categorised as follows:

Telecomms & Network Products

Nuvotem Talema offer a vast range of products for the communications industry, covering Modem Transformers, ISDN transformers and modules, DSL transformers and modules, E1/T1/S2M, E3/T3 magnetics, and network magnetics covering xBaseT, Fibre, TwinAx, ATM, RF products.

Power Supply Magnetics

A complete range of transformers and inductors for SMPS applications : Drive Transformers, Control Transformers, Flyback Transformers, High Current Inductors, Current Transformers, Common Mode Chokes, Output Chokes : Formats include ETD, EF/EE, U Core, RM, Toroid : Winding constructions including Multi-strand copper, Foil, Litz, heavy duty Copper, Triple insulated wire, and Margin tapes.

Keywords: Heavy Duty Copper, inductors, Magnetic Components, Magnetics, Transformers,

Other products and services from Nuvotem Talema


Nuvotem Talema : Toroidal Transformers : Standard Range

Nuvotem Talema offer a wide range of standard power transformers, which may be categorised as follows.


Nuvotem Talema ISDN Products

Nuvotem Talema provide SMD and Through-Hole transformers and chokes in modular and discrete format for S and U interface applications.