By: Seaquest  05/12/2011
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We previously had a Rapp pump, and after hearing the reports from other boats with the Seaquest pump improving their quality, thought we would give it a try. The results were outstanding, with the factory reporting far less bloodspots in the fish with the result that the Japanese inspectors passed a much larger percentage of the fish as suitable for their markets. As this resulted in better prices for us, we were both happy with the change. We have had this pump for a few years now and would have no hesitation in replacing it with a new one when we need it.
Regards Hamish Slater M/V Enterprise

SeaQuest net sounding winches and fish pumps have been used on several fishing vessels of our company. This equipment are used continuously during fishing operations and often used in heavy weather conditions and in this way proved there reliability. The winches requires little maintenance due to their simplicity and design. As owners, we are very pleased to have these equipment installed onboard. If any maintenance is required, it will be dealt with immediately, scheduled or unscheduled. When vessel is at open sea, the crew can be guided by SeaQuest in case of any breakdown, by means of telephone or email, to solve any deficiency or to find a suitable solution to avoid a major loss of production.
Ariaan den Heijer
Jaczon B.V.


And we went fishing operations, fish pump SEA QUEST, worked very well, with respect to the competence, PUMP SEA QUEST, is much smaller, lighter weight, no harm to fish and easy to handle in bad weather.

ATTE., Fernando Mello RECART.


Y salimos a faenas de pesca , la bomba de pescado SEA QUEST, trabajó muy bien , con respecto a la competencia , la BOMBA SEA QUEST, es mucho mas pequeña , de menor peso, no daña el pescado y facil de manipular con mal tiempo.


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