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Steel Farm Sheds for all farming applications livestock, storage, workshops. 

Donegal based WDL will design and manufacture steel farm sheds with attention to details for your comfort.

We know local farmers and you will find here farming experts ready to help You.

WDL manufacture galvanized sheep slats so please call us for FREE enquiry.

WDL team with more then 30 years experience in Farm Sheds design will help You with any enquiry. Call Us Now             074 91 34922      

TIPS for Farmers:

How to install correct ventilation in Farm shed ?  

Although ridge outlets provide the main source of air extraction, raised roof panels can be used to good effect in large or multi span buildings.

The default solution – fitting ventilating sections within a ridge formed from cranked crown panels – is rarely adequate for the task but that is the quickest and easiest solution for the builder and cheapest solution for farmers in Ireland.

Spaced Roof – with sheets laid 12-15mm apart, provides air inlets lower down and extraction outlets higher up the roof.

 Should I consider heavy snow as a potential dangerous ?

reducing purlin gaps can stop collapsing of roof when the heavy snow will hit

Using a box profile steel sheets for your roof instead of fibre cement because it has a slipper surface and should help the snow slide off the roof.

consider reduce bay spacings and increase roof pitch

Do You know? :

5 litres of moisture that, on average, each cow produces just by breathing every day.

cattle require enormous quantities of oxygen to support their metabolism.

3000 sheds collapsed because of heavy snow last Winter in Scotland

WDL manufacture steel farm sheds for all farming applications:

sheep steel sheds

cow shed



steel sheds for farming

machinery steel sheds


horse riding area

steel sheds for grain

livestock sheds

cattle farm sheds

farming shed for beef and suckler cows

pig farms

steel buildings for sheep

sheds for calves

chicken steel shed

poultry farms

hay sheds

WDL steel garden sheds – the best built steel sheds for Those who LOVE gardening

If you have been looking for a garden shed for a while you will no doubt be aware some steel garden sheds are poor quality.

If sales are down, manufacturers will try all sorts of tricks to lower their production costs to enable them to be able to offer you a steel shed at what will appear to be a really cheap price.

To take a few hundred euro off a medium size garden shed one only has to use a thinner gauge wall cladding or reduce the size of the corner flashings etc. etc.Recently we looked into online distributors of kit garden sheds and kit garages, the frames were half the size of ours and held together with screws, the steel cladding was imported rubbish which faded within weeks, no bracing was supplied etc.etc.

The major complaint people have when buying a kit garden shed is that after paying the full cost of the garden shed, they find some parts are missing or are the wrong size or color.We are not prepared to lower our standards simply to sell a few more garden sheds, our engineers would not allow us to use inferior steel or to alter designs we have used successfully in our buildings for more than 10 years.

You can find here all types of garden sheds:

custom design steel garden sheds

garden sheds with extra storage space

garden sheds with extra space for workshop


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