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By: Don Consultants  05/12/2011

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Basic Computer and Internet Training
Don Consultants specialise in private one-to-one tuition, with lessons in the client’s home or office on their own computer.
At DON Consultants we offer lessons which are tailored to your needs, whether you are a complete beginner (of any age) or someone who has some computer experience but wish to increase your knowledge base.  
The tutorials are typically held over 1 hour on a weekly basis but this can be increased if required and cover many areas of computer and internet knowledge.
Each series of lessons are based on an initial discussion as to what you want to learn from the experience – whether it’s emailing relatives/friends, shopping online or booking flights etc.

• How to use the Internet to:  
o Search for jobs, research prospective employers, apply online
o Sending & Receiving Emails
o Entertainment – What’s on, Reviews, Buying tickets…
o Research & Education
o News & researching various news topics that interest you
o Book Flights / Accommodation / Car Hire
o Hobbies, Antiques, Collections
o History, Geography, learning about the world and different cultures
o  and much, much more…

• Microsoft Word and Excel Training – Writing Letters/CV’s, Setting up and using basic Spreadsheets

• Microsoft Powerpoint Training – Setting up basic presentations

• Digital Photography (Uploading digital photographs from your camera / mobile phone to your computer then editing and organizing them)

• Backing up, protecting and organizing your data

• Ebay – How to sell items on Ebay. Setting up an Ebay account, and creating listings with photographs

First ½ hour free to discuss what you want to learn from the experience.

€25 per hour tutorial which includes free handouts and notes

Book 5 lessons (1 Hour each) and get the 6th lesson free

GIFT VOUCHERS – Available for friends and family

Feel free to contact us for our advice & help on:

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