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By: Dolores Whelan  05/12/2011

Dolores Whelan » Calendar

Dolores Whelan is a spiritual guide, educator and  author in the Celtic spiritual tradition. Through her work she seeks to awaken  the wisdom of Celtic traditions in relevant ways for today.  Her most recent work, in collaboration with US artist Cynthia Matyi, has been the creation of a perpetual Celtic calendar.

This calendar will make a most unique Christmas gift!

Price Celtic Calendar Shipped withing Ireland  €12.95 plus €1.30 Postage

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Dolores Whelan’s book Ever Ancient Ever New gives an excellent illustration of her width of knowledge and appreciation of Celtic Spirituality. These important innovative insights of Dolores Whelan have been hugely transformative in my own life and work. The wisdom of this tradition is re-emerging, at this time, from centuries of marginalization. The Celtic spiritual and wisdom tradition is, paradoxically, very ancient and very new.