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By: Doggie Walks  05/12/2011
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What we provide

We understand that it is hard nowadays to take care of your dog, so many of us don’t have time to give our dog what they truly need. People with busy jobs who don’t have the time or energy to walk their dog, we know exactly how you feel and provide a service that suits you and your dogs.

Our services are not just for professionals but also for retired and elderly people who may not be able to take their dogs for a walk the way they used to.

We aim to provide a friendly service and cater to your time and schedule; we aim to accommodate most requests*.

We know that it is hard to get the time that you feel you need to walk your dogs.

*this may not be possible all the time but we will try and get a time that suits you best!

We collect and walk your dog. We introduce them to other dogs accordingly as we know social interaction is just as important as physical*. We quench their thirst after a long walk. Collect their waste and dispose of it properly, we give them treats for good behaviour and affection (this is optional, as we know that not all our customers would like their dogs to have treats for dietary reasons)

We Towel Dry your Dog after a Rainy Day.

Doggie walks provide an efficient and friendly service for your Dog. We bring your Dog for both long walks and ‘play time’ in parks where we provide toys. Compared to other dog walking services we do not use a car to transport your Dog. Instead we walk everywhere! This gives a huge benefit to your Dog we make sure that the full hour of exercise does not being till each trained walker has reached the beginning of each walking path.

We have a range of different walking paths to suit each area and Dog i.e. Milltown (A) small dog. Along the Dodder short 40 min walk and 20 min play. Milltown (B) large dog along the Dodder for long walk of 2 hour walk which includes 30 min play.  These walks are group walks but we do offer private walks for your Dog.

You are welcomed to meet your personal walker prior to signing up

We do not just offer discounts to O.A.P’s if you have more than one Dog there is a discount with each additional Dog.

• Collection

• Feeding (Optional)

• Set Walking Route

• Waste Disposal

• Social Interaction

• Towel Dry if raining

• Playtime

It provides all the same services as group walks. The only difference is that you can plan out a Route for your Dog and your Dog gets all the attention it deserves!

Keywords: Dog, dog walking, Dog Walking Services