By: Do Marketing  05/12/2011
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Just as a baker uses a recipe to ensure the success of his cake, the process of creating a “recipe” or plan for your business is essential to succeed. Without a plan, you plan to fail, leaving far too many things to chance. For business planning to be successful, the company objectives should be SMART — Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Once the objectives are in place, strategy is set and activities developed.

Strategic Business Plan

The tool for decision making, this includes research, strategy and analysis
DO Marketing will provide you with a plan that not only defines the strategic marketing plan, but also defines what internal changes will have to be made to support this growth – such as new skills, people, technology, and operational work flow

Strategic Marketing Plan

In conjunction with you, DO Marketing will develop a strategic marketing plan, determining a long term vision for the company based on its existing strengths and market opportunities.
Articulate a plan for the best use of the organisations resources and tactics to meet its objectives.
Conduct various kinds of internal and external research.
Sets out the message to be conveyed, and carefully define targets.
Outline numerous ways to reach the target markets, through the including advertising, promotions, and selling processes.
Complete marketing budget, with careful revenue forecasts.

Promotional Plan

DO Marketing can work to create a clear creative message and an innovative marketing activities plan.
Ensure continuity of the message and company image, and plan annual expenditures.
We are marketing mix focused versus advertising focused, any plan we devise is with the objective of achieving maximum results with the minimum of advertising spend.

Business Consulting

For businesses who just want independent fresh thinkers whom to bounce their ideas, we can also offer an as-needed advisory session. We can assist businesses on an as-needed basis, with no further commitment on their part.

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Other products and services from Do Marketing


creative services

Let DO marketing work closely with you ensuring continuity of branding and corporate image – from the sign on the door to the final invoice to your client. Stand out from the crowd with a distinctive design to set your business apart from your competitors. Brand Strategy & Logo Design.


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We will work imaginatively with you to develop an advertising and/or marketing campaign from concept to placement with exciting visuals and copy that spurs your target audience into action. DO Marketing will strategically plan to position, promote, present and sell your product/service in the most effective, cost efficient manner possible. DO Marketing will create an advertising campaign that reaches your target audience and meets your budget.


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Consider us your Marketing Team for the event from the initial start of the project through to being there on the day to help generate sales for you. We work very closely with each of our clients from the initial briefing meeting right through to the post event meeting. Our trademark is to handle every aspect of an event with genuine care and meticulous attention to detail.


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Writing for the Web requires an understanding of fundamental marketing communication principles, as well as an appreciation for what people want, how they surf and how they search for what it is that you have to offer. Wearing their customer hat, will objectively identify the good and the bad and give you actionable recommendations for improvement.