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By: Dls Capital Management  05/12/2011
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Financial Planning is central to our service offering. We gather each client's personal and financial details by compiling a fact-find. Based on the information gathered we then produce a Financial Plan for each client, showing their current financial position and their future financial objectives. This Financial Plan will encompass all areas of a client's finanical position, e.g. investments, borrowings, protection policies and pension policies. Financial Plans are reviewed on an annual basis, taking into account any changes in a client's personal and/or financial circumstances.

One of our main areas of expertise is tax-effective funding for retirement.  We advise on all areas of retirement planning from demonstrating how much of a pension fund a client will need in retirement to recommending the appropriate retirement vehicles suitable to a client’s circumstances.

At DLS Capital Management Ltd., we have extensive experience in advising client's on retirement. Some of the most important issues for a client to consider are:

  • Income Planning for your retirement
  • Looking at level of Salary which will influence the subsequent level of pension
  • Protecting the value of your pension fund  by switching to lower risk assets
  • How to maximise the tax-free lump sum available from your pension fund
  • Advice on ARF versus Annuity
  • Provision for spouse and other dependants

We advise on all types of pension vehicles including the following:

  • Personal pensions
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions
  • Company/Executive pensions
  • Small Self Adminstered Schemes
  • Self-directed Pensions
  • Personal Retirement Saving Accounts (PRSA's)
  • Group pension schemes

 At DLS Capital Management Ltd. we provide impartial and practical advice on all aspect of the investment decision. We devise bespoke investment strategies for each client based on the client’s attitude to risk and their investment time horizon. We also offer our clients advice on all types of investment vehicles, such as:

  • Managed Funds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Business Expansion Schemes
  • Syndicated Property Funds
  • Direct Property Investments     
  • Share Portfolios (in conjunction with a stockbroker)
  • Corporate & Government Bonds
  • Tracker Bonds
  • Deposits

We at DLS Capital Management Ltd. advise on appropriate protection strategies for our clients based on their current financial and personal circumstances. We carry out “Survivor Needs Analysis” for our clients, which demonstrate the life cover requirement a client may have in order to support his/her dependants should they die prematurely. The different types of protection benefits which we advise on are:

  • Income Protection
  • Life Assurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Serious Illness
  • Keyman Life Assurance
  • Co-Directors Life Assurance

We provide advice to our clients on all areas of borrowing from first time buyers to seasoned property investors. Before we start the application process with a client, we review their current financial position and the level of debt and repayments that they can afford. Through our agencies, DLS Capital Management Ltd. can place business with certain loan providers in the marketplace. Some of the mortgage options which we have dealt with for our clients are as follows:

  • Interest Only Mortgages
  • Pension-backed Mortgages
  • Repayment/Annutiy Mortgages
  • Residentital Investment Property Mortgaegs
  • Borrowing within a Pension Fund

At DLS Captial Management Ltd. we offer a Family Office service for our high net worth clients and this service can be tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. Our role within the Family Office includes a wide range of services, an example of which are:

  • Preparation of Quarterly Net Worth Statements
  • Preparation of a comprehensive database which contains all information on Assets and Liabilities, thus facilitating instant access to information
  • Centralisation of costs on all Personal & Investment Properties
  • Appraisal of Investment Opportunities
  • Monitoring of Investments
  • Attend meetings relating to Investments on behalf of clients.

Keywords: capital management, Financial Planning, pension

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