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By: Dlpks  05/12/2011
Keywords: PROJECT MANAGEMENT, supply chain, Risk Management

Our people are passionate about working on successful projects. They have the means to track and control the conditions for success, and their collaborative way of working spreads that passion and focus throughout the project team. We bring leadership and direction to a project, strengthened by a whole business approach, drawing on our in depth market knowledge, expertise and understanding.

Our key strength has always been adding value throughout the design process. Orchestrating the team as the Project Manager provides us with the opportunity to ensure the fullest delivery of that value. We continue to recruit the best people to our multidisciplinary teams, because they recognise that we have a unique approach and a consistent record of bringing something special to a project.

Our understanding of what a project needs to hit its targets is captured in our project management tools and processes  - “DLivering Success” has proved to be especially popular and effective. We use these tools in a Davis Langdon way: not to impose our solution, but rather to ‘walk’ the team through the situation so that they fully engage with what needs to be done.

We are professionals who understand what each part of the team needs to do within the whole. At the same time we are specialists in management - skilled in keeping a team moving forward, whatever the obstacles, through the four main stages of a project.  At the inception stage, we establish and communicate clarity of purpose about the client’s business strategy and desired outcomes. In tandem, we oversee masterplans, planning consents, site acquisitions and funding requirements.

We manage the project strategy and design development stage, enabling clients to make informed choices in balancing their objectives within the project’s constraints and risk management regime. All procurement options are explored. Design proposals and programmes are tied to the desired outcomes and budget, and translated into a project execution plan and detailed master programme.

At the project control and delivery stage we ensure that the agreed solution will deliver the business need. We check that the contractor’s method statements are viable and that our plans for risk management are sound. Robust team management and change control processes are communicated across the supply chain and maintained throughout construction. In the final stages we oversee commissioning, agree completion, settle final accounts and ensure a smooth transition of the asset through to ongoing management.

As an independent advisor we can assist with the provision of timely and professional advice, pulling together the required commercial, design and planning inputs to ensure the development proceeds.

We aim to make sure the client selects the right development opportunity for their organisation, by determining the right product for the market and developing a sound and sustainable business case.

We can bring together a range of specialist advice, from development strategy, impact analysis, layout mix and specification, to concept and masterplanning, marketing, and implementation planning.  

Organising a series of projects in this way typically provides sharper focus on overall efficiency through the dismantling of ‘silos’, aggregation of supply, central control to deliver common outcomes and continuous improvement.  It also helps to identify risks that affect the programme as a whole, but may not have been identified within individual projects.

We work with commercial occupiers, global organisations and public sector bodies requiring a consolidated approach to the direction of multi-level projects. 

We have, for example, successfully converted disparate Council objectives and aims into real-time projects and action plans with clear scope, budget and programme goals. This work has involved co-ordination of up to 83 business plans, rationalisation of staffing structures, unification of a plethora of targets, resolution of conflicting priorities and simplification of bureaucratic reporting. 

Keywords: method statements, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Risk Management, supply chain

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