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By: Divine Design  05/12/2011
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Divine Design provides a complete interior design service. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our attention to detail and our reliability. We are always delighted to provide quotes for any project, whether extensive or small-scale.

Our design team can turn its hand to any style of interior. Whether it’s cutting-edge contemporary, period-style elegance, relaxed minimalism or country chic, or, indeed, anything in between, we’ve got the experience and expertise to turn your interior dreams into reality.

Interior design

Some clients just want an initial consultation, where they can choose their paint colours, discuss what kind of furniture to get and how to arrange it. Other clients have chosen mostly everything but get stuck at the final hurdle, pulling it all together and just want wallpaper or soft furnishings. Most clients want their entire project designed and sourced. Some like to browse themselves for personnel items like sofas, others don’t have the time or inclination. A step further, we actually project manage the job, so the client has no headaches and only one person to deal with. All our staff/affiliates are experts in their fields and their work is impeccable.

Not everyone starts from scratch and we are delighted to get involved in a revamp or freshen up job, salvaging whatever we can and sometimes using it in different ways or rooms then the client has before.

Image Rendering

Every interior designer has a story about a client who chose a furniture plan, paint chips and fabric swatches and then is shocked by the finished product.

Sometimes it’s that, on second thought, the curtains are too elaborate, or perhaps not elaborate enough. Or that a bespoke storage unit fails to produce the anticipated frissons and thereby justify its hefty cost. Or that those painstakingly sourced floorboards are judged fatal in cherrywood – “If only we had gone with the walnut!”

Apartment kit outs

House Dressing

Is your house for sale and not realising its full potential? We will goin and advise how to present it to its best potential. We can supply trades people if needed, rent furniture etc. To the extreme, one client spent in the region of 60K and his house went up by over 250k.


Again is similar to our domestic interior Design. We would have an initial consultation, possibly a second, and then at least one presentation usually of two different designs backed up by sample boards, drawings, costings etc.

Modern Interiors

Modern contemporary interiors embrace a vast range of interior styling from the asceticism of ultra-minimalist interiors through to a sleek and unified style tailored to your own personal sense of chic.

The minimalist style adheres to the dictum of 'less is more' and traditional Japanese interiors portray this perfectly.

Contemporary interiors are 'of the moment' and very often follow catwalk fashion.

Last years faux fur collars have become this years faux fur cushion covers.

Contemporary style is fast paced, fashionable and exciting!

Eclectic Interiors

Eclectic style is the style many home owners choose to adopt and is very often the most difficult to achieve.

A truly successful eclectic interior is a medley of old and new.

The real benefit of an eclectic interior is that many of your existing possessions can be included in the design and create a beautiful and truly individual interior.

Eclectic interiors have longevity, as they are not highly fashionable.

Classic Interiors

Divine design can create for you a classic interior, which, if you choose can also be historically sympathetic.

From English country mansion to Georgian town house our researchers can source originals, use historically accurate reproductions or commission pieces tailored to your requirements.

Whichever period you chose we will bring the beauty of a bygone era into your home.

We will find the ideal furnishings, fabrics and accessories to create a beautifully balanced traditional interior, which will be a joy to you for many years.

Keywords: interior design, interior designer