Access folding ramps

By: Disabled Access Solutions  05/12/2011

Scooter ramp

Ramp type Length Int track width Overall width Weight
4ft 48"/1220mm 24.5"/622mm 28"/710mm 9kg
5ft 60"/1525mm 24.5"/622mm 28"/710mm 11kg
6ft 72"/1830mm 24.5"/622mm 28"/710mm 13kg

• Designed for use with 3 wheel scooters
• Ideal for wheelcahir access
into vehicles
• Available in 3 lengths (4, 5 and 6ft)
• Folds in half for ease of storage
and handling
• Can be used for other access situations

Briefcase ramp

Ramp type Length Int track width Overall width Weight
3ft 36"/914mm 29"/736mm 33"/840mm 7kg
4ft6" 54"/1370mm 29"/736mm 33"/840mm 11kg
6ft 72"/1830mm 29"/736mm 33"/840mm 15kg

• Ideal for both pedestrian and wheelchair users
• Lightweight and portable
• Carries like a briefcase
• User friendly fastenings and
carry handle
• Available in 3 lengths (3ft, 4ft & 6ft)

Channel ramp

Ramp type Length Int track width Overall width Weight
6ft 72"/1830mm 8"/203mm 11.5"/292mm 12kg per pair
8ft 96"/2440mm 8"/203mm 11.75"/1300mm 15kg per pair

• Designed for wheelchair access
into vehicles
• Carrying capacity of 250kg
(40 stone)
• Lightweight, small and compact
• Can also be used for other
access situations
• Smooth edges to avoid damage to the interior of vehicles

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