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By: Digital Media Island  05/12/2011

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So we’re heading to the REAL capital for a meetup at the end of August. The Corkonians are well known for their innovation and there are lots of cool startups down there. Should be a bit of fun.

Digital Island Meetups are completely free thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, and open to anyone who wants to attend. There may even be cash behind the bar on the night! Come along and meet new people, and make new contacts and have some fun too.

When & Where:
28th August from 7:30PM • Cork International Airport Hotel • Cork
Dress code, for people who care about such things, is whatever you like.

Who’s coming?



Talk to me about…

Digital Media Forum, Events, Benchd. Networking and social network theory and the future of search and social networks.
eWrite. eWrite stuff
Website Design Cork Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Karaoke, Schmocial Schmedia, Illustration, Penguins
Ravi Chodavorapu   Software Engineering, Web Development
New marketing solutions using existing technologies and Madtags
Mulley Communications why you’re such a narky git
Social netwroking Websites (e.g. Facebook, etc)
online marketing strategies, online networking and networking in general, events, website management and some non serious stuff too.
new and cool things re online business apps
Aisling Software Anything to do with online apps & cool new technology….or beer, beers good
Pretty much anything …
Demoing Snapscribe…
  Irish startups, hacking the Leaving Cert, Silicon Valley, alternative energy, the Next Big Thing, flying, biking, Wikipedia
The Seedcorn Competition
Live Broadcasting Live Broadcasting

This event is absolutely free as always so please register below so you can let us know you are coming and we can ensure we know who you are.  Thanks, and we’ll see you there

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Niall Harbison – Niall Harbison started his career as a chef in Ireland’s premier restaurant at the time, Peacock Alley, under the guidance of Michelin Star chef Conrad Gallagher. It has already won a web award in its native Ireland by receiving a Golden Spider in late 2007 and in May 2008 it was recognised as the 3rd best European Web2.0 startup this year.


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Mary has a strong technical background, and a deep understanding of software markets built on years of experience with customer requirements gathering, product definition, product management, sales training, lead generation and customer relationship management.


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We also give startups who require hosting, access to discounted hosting for cloud computing, colocation, dedicated and managed hosting, making it easy to scale from Day 1, and we’ll continue talking to them about how to scale their company. It’s definitely worth checking out as their definitely seem to be some great benefits to the program as described here.


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The Digital Media Forum would like to invite you to attend an event on September 16th, at 7:00 pm in the Odessa Club, 13 Dame Court, Dublin 2 to meet Trina Vargo, president of the US-Ireland Alliance to discuss the Alliance’s annual event in Hollywood called Oscar Wilde: Honoring the Irish in Film.